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  1. Neliz Younger Brother are Simon Posford (the god of psytrance) and prometheus. It started as a psytrance project. I gave lots of listens for this album. This album is the biggest album of this year. every milisecond in this album is constructed geniously. At first it seems to me like all of the album energy is based on the vocals. Well I was wrong. This album is full of energy way beyond the vocals. Simon Proves again , that every music section he touches become pure gold. Amazing release
  2. Erezblm

    Ott - Mir

    Wow... I realy wasn't sure if I should except too much from this album after my dissapoitment from hallucinogen in dub, but this release is a blast!!! Im realy sattisfied finally i can feel music except from dear simon... Great release, no doubt this is a must have.
  3. I dont know about the psy related or not I've been hearing psy all my life and for what I make is my psy. Enjoy. http://m.soundcloud.com/blueman/manufacture-of-thunder-pt-1-31 Still on work I would like to hear some opinions
  4. Welcome to the modern electronic music. O.k its very sad there will be no more of Hallucinogen "Twisted" or Infected's "The Gathering" or Logic Bomb's "Headware", but look outside, look on the roots of electronics music's tree are evolving, and we have some thick huge roots. I learned the art of electronic music on this forum and I want to share with all of you a bit of the finest techno minimal stuff. I know at the moment you read the words techno minimal and also electro the association of mainstream garbage just popped in your head, and I won't lie to you there are tons of garbage out t
  5. I know this forum not realy fans of techno and stuff. but I started to hear electronic music here and my music very influenced from psy. I'm realy just on the start of my way, i've been working my ass on those tracks. the tracks aren't yet mastered because I don't yet have the proper knowledge, but still I would like you to put your opinion on those. try to open your mind for something a bit slower than 140 bpm.
  6. new track... minimal psy, free for listening http://soundcloud.com/blueman/blueman-the-alice-of-oz
  7. it's deffinitly not what i expected. well yeah it gots all those guitar cheesy shit like vicious and supervisor but i think its way better than vicious. no matter how much im gonna hear this album, not even close to the gathering. anyway i can feel the infected ginious behind this album. my dream is that infected would use this huge sound to create more creative pieces like at the past. this album is not a fall like the others, but actually after vicious delicious, to where can u fall? so i guess its a change.
  8. real classic... great music... old school goatrance right from the sources... I like it. and he realy should try suntrip... I need some time to love those tracks more, but i can feel that with the time, its going to burn in my head...
  9. ok, so i got another opinion now... i realy, realy like funkieness, and groovy albums... but... there is a problem with groovy albums... the problem is that they can't stand the test of time... as groovy as the album is, as shorter his life is... if the album is more funky, I would like it at first, in very high levels... but in two weeks it would leave dust on my shelf... this is a problem, and thats the reason why from now on, i don't buy anymore groovy albums... anyway, the album is good... i don't like it like i did at the first listens, but i like mean green monster theme, and als
  10. im realy just a beginner, but just want to know what do u think about this one... http://www.sendspace.com/file/tlh9qd the sound is realy rubbish at the end, but that what i got for now...
  11. Erezblm

    RA - 9th

    I agree. actually I think that this RA CD is the most old school I heard for years. Finally some real goatrance.
  12. Erezblm

    RA - 9th

    only after the 3rd or 4th listen i understood how much this album is fantastic. such a magical sound. its just getting better and better each listen i give it. Transcendent is amazing, so nice to listen. also Other Self is great, im in love with it. the intro it very weird. weird and stupid i guess. but somehow i like hearing it... maybe just to remmember how weird that voice is.
  13. this album is the most fun album i ever heard very groovy and funky, and original of course. im in love with it. this is one of the only albums in this forum that u can actually hear it once and love it. very unique album, recommended
  14. great album. very very groovy. jack in the box is my favourite. great track. some parts its too fullonish to my taste, but all in all great album.
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