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  1. Beh,bashing IM is older than bashing G.W.BUSH i dont see any problem here,yes a total commercial step if u may,so what ? nothing new there to justify another IM bashing topic. or is this simply an icq bashing topic ? in that case i'm in,icq sucks i do have fond memories and some erotic chats in icq's history (with women mind u,pavel) so yes it sucks nowdays but it did rule for quite a while
  2. Brazil is THE biggest place for psytrance parties these days,period. The country is huge,so naturally there are many promoters in almost each city. Yes there are many commercial events,which are actually "raves" and not parties - from 3,000 peeps up to 30,000 for a one day party - not a festival,mind u - thats pretty fucking huge. Avid psytrance followers might be put out by these events - then again, the lineups in these parties are very big and can satisfy most full on lovers. But brazil isn't about Fullon only - in fact,in many parties,people are reacting much better to electro house and even minimal. This style has taken over brazil and is booming at the moment and it's quite intresting to see the promoters mixing it in with the fullon and progressive parts of the party. Naturally this big trance boom comes with a price,alot of drugs going around and people getting way more fucked up than they should be,such as this poor lad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbYySF_VyyE . but that's to be expected with this line of music. and then,there is UNIVERSO PARALLELO - iv'e played in this year's edition and i must say its one of the best festivals in the world. complete sense of freedom (the dancefloor is a minute away from the waterfront,no guards or passses necessary @ the backstage etc) and the location of this year was simply amazing. music wise it has something for everyone,orginization is top notch and this should be on every festie-fan's list. here's a quick look - . just search youtube for more moments from universo or any other brazilian party - u will find many entries Sherlock,u can go on from here ....
  3. i would say the long awaited debut album by SCS(suncontrolspecies) is something 2 look out for - and its finally coming http://iboga.dk/index.php?release=IbogaCD48
  4. try JOYRIDE 2 from candyflip records. a strickly electro trance compi
  5. it is possible ian ion changed his name,isnt it?
  6. This looks like a supersweet debut release man! Wombat and the Remix to Antix are awesome,didnt hear the rest yet... but knowing your taste this will be high quality all-around. cover is ultra slick as well,me like Best of luck upon the new adventure!
  7. Having heard the album i can confirm it is a damm worthy sequel to pressure optimal. way to go Tim for sticking to your own style...and upgrading it of course all in all a great year for Zenon
  8. This album wasn't released under Amon Tobin but under his other alias - CUJO. nice album,but one of his earliest works, and still not on par with the later ones. nevertheless,each Amon tobin album is a celebration of sounds,beats and moods. so its worth a shot... one of the most intresting and brilliant artists in Electronica for sure
  9. Yes that is very true. After this compilation HOMmega also plans a really killer Dark-Psy compilation. After all dark is VERY HOT at the moment so the logical thing is to release it.
  10. After some serious listens i must state this is one of the best tribal vision compi's to date,and probably the best release since Street art. Many artists here are at their top efforts...Tegma and halifax especially,but also great tunes from Solead,sonicfusion/greed,vibrasphere,Fitalic and Brisker+magitman. all the tracks are worthy though,,, Good luck with it!
  11. i didnt hear the whole album,but just wait till u hear the tune QUAKE. a murderous combination of TechTrance and fullon,one of the toughest tracks i heard lately,that makes the (Very good) Triac album sound like a bedtime song+wrapped by one of the best productions aveliable today in trance
  12. V/A - New Order (HOMmega Productions) Compiled by Ace Ventura 1. Astrix - Just in time 2. Freq - The Moon & The Earth 3. Earsugar - Stay 4. Vibrasphere - Thermal twist 5. X-noiZe - Let yourself go (Ticon remix) 6. Ace Ventura & Intelabeam - The jhon 7. Emok vs NDSA - Harbour candy 8. D-Nox & Beckers - Naked punch 9. Wrecked Machines feat V.O.R - Subtle flavour HOMmega Productions is proud to present "New Order" - a fresh and exciting compilation by 'Ace Ventura' (Yoni Oshrat), marking new and interesting times for HOMmega and the entire scene as a whole. Yoni Oshrat was previously a member of one of HOMmega's most highly profiled acts, PsySex, but has in the last year concentrated on his new solo project 'Ace Ventura', with which he has hit the progressive & psy trance scenes with a storm. Now he's ready with a new compilation featuring 9 exclusive and highly refined progressive tracks,bordering from hi-tech digital morning sounds by acts like Ticon (remixing X-noiZe) and Vibrasphere, massive daytime tunes by the likes of Freq, Earsugar (aka Liquid soul & Dj Martin), Ace Ventura & Intelabeam, and housey borderline grooves from masters at work D-nox & Beckers, Emok and NDSA (aka Ticon). Also watch out for the possibly two biggest surprises on the disc - presenting a monster opening track by Astrix,one of the leading forces in the global trance scene, and a massive closing track by Wrecked Machines,a highly acclaimed producer himself. Their new sound is bound to turn your world upside down. Get ready for the New Order!
  13. Well sir, Dreamscape actually became the track "Silent Circuits" (track 3) and Globe is still unreleased. i will here by reveal that FREq has made a new (and excellent imho) tune for my upcoming compilation,the track is called THE MOON AND THE EARTH and i think u wont be dissapointed with this one
  14. hehe yes it is my side job actually. For the next week,i forsee you will have sex with a few old and very gay men. i hope u practice safe sex! its a jungle out there On the topic,i will not review the album,but surely im not surprised by the reactions - although i think they are "a tad" harsh Obviously, its very easy to be dissapointed after STRANGE ATTRACTORS - i dont really know many artist who released a "milestone" album, and duplicated this with their next one. it's just not so easy. From a DJ point of view,i can just say that u better buy some earplugs,because this album is going to be played TO DEATH in this season's open airs. Full-on,flat,boring or whatever u wanna call it - after playing most of this album in a few parties,i can testify Freq still is the dancefloor king when it comes to progressive psytrance. Some of these tracks brought VERY big smiles to many many people around europe already,and the main example being track 6- beatstreet,which i really dont think copies Dnox and beckers - i beleive u refer to the Arrpegiated synthline in the break,and on this the latters sure dont have a copyright .Been done before them and will be done after them. This track really causes a (good) mess on the dancefloor,quite distinctivley more than whatever was played before and after.It doesnt mean its good - but u just cannot decide with your own taste,what track the world needs or not. Also,the only clear full-on elements in this album ,are notable on track 5 which is simply faster than the rest of the album. So,i can surely understand the let-down after FREq's previous efforts . i also prefer the style of timeless classics such as SHORT LIFE,RETURN ETC ETC,but nevertheless - Don't forget this is still DANCEFLOOR MUSIC wer'e talking about.... And on that account,i must say,the man has done a damm fine job .
  15. Super sweet release and imho Groove-zone's best yet - Kudos for Side-A on choosing very stylish tracks allaround. fans of psyprog better stay away - this is housey territories, but it still is progressive trance and a damm good one. definitly waiting for the next groovezone release
  16. are we to understand u didnt like the album ?
  17. hehe sign me up dude gonna stay for most of the festie as well, really lookin' 4ward to it!
  18. Donnow the track name but it's definitly by Paranormal attack
  19. Gotta agree with Profski on the cheese factor - i dont think the word Cheese appears in Panick's Lexicon these days. i also agree the album can be abit "cold" sometimes,but i really think this is a great refreshment after a very straight and boring line,to which the israely fullon is going in the past few years. Panick brings a different,more "robotic" or synthetic approach to the tunes,and at times his leads remind me of the old sandman riffs.His production is flawless - sharp and crunchy,strong and driving. Even if the level of the album is not equal throughout,as the boyz said above - This is the best israely Fullon Export in quite a while.
  20. At 1st i was abit put out by this album, i think probably because of the sound and production - it's not that its BAD or so,it just sound like the old reefer decree and oryx albums,which were released quite a long time ago. But its also a good thing i guess,because its theyre(or just "his" now) own special sound.I can't fit this sound in my Dj sets,but its very nice on the ear for home or car listening,which gives it a greater lastability value than most dancefloor albums. Overall i dont think this album dissapoints - and it even has some great moments (fav track - The final decree),and i really dont see how fans of reefer or oryx can be dissapointed from this. if u liked it make sure to check the OLIVER JONES album ...
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