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  1. I've dl it now.. Some average good tracks, and some bad tracks... But the one, Heavyweight, that one is pure magic imo
  2. Lets hope it will be experimental in the same way as the other side... but I have a bad feeling it will be more popish... Time will tell.. Anyway, I think there will be 3, maybe 4 regular good tracks on the album, but I'm not expecting any magic
  3. Well... The say the style is psytrance.. I don't know, not the psytrance I'm used to anyway... Not too crazy about these samples, but maybe someone will like them, still I doubt it... http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/yoy/yoy1cd078.html
  4. Pep


    Actually there are at least 3 - 4 tracks on Nystagmus' album that are similar to Infected's tracks... I'm at work now, so don't remember the names... But one of them have the bust a move ending... (Maybe nr.5) "You are messed up" are pretty similar to "Tommy The Bat" And as mentioned "Consiousness" is pretty similar to "The Shen" And I think there was one more..... So I guess he likes old IM... I can understand that But I heard Nystagmus just did this album for fun, and he actually won't release any more, but if that's true I don't know!
  5. For those who are interested... This is the tracklist from Duvdev himself... Becoming Insane Artliery Vicious Delicious Heavy Weight Suliman Forgive Me Special Place Infront of Me Eat it Raw Change the formality Before
  6. I love almost every tune from that man! He has magic fingers Even if I have to wait looong, even "twistedlong", it doesn't matter, he always deliever GOOD tracks! And always something new that surprises me I don't think it's weird that it is a big hype about him, after all he is one of the biggest name (THE biggest IMO), and the two Hallucinogen albums is still the greatest and most psychadelik albums out there imo... It was a great video btw, nice to hear all the old classics live, and also the new ones, really good!!=)=) tnx for the tips
  7. Yepp... I can understand why he and others are inspired by IM.. I'm making tracks myself that are mutch inspired by IM:) And I don't mind that the tracks sounds like IM as long as it is done with soul! And I think Nystagmus did it very well! The album has spend a lot of time in my CD player since I got it a couple of weeks ago:) Specially I like track 4, "You're Messed Up"! Btw nice pic there=) From the old IM days I assume, Duvdev got beird and a little bit of hair But isn't there anybody who knows what track "Weird Noises" is inspired by?? I've searched through over 100 tracks, but can't find it, I know I've heard that second half of that track before in some way, and I think it's IM... It's so annoying to not find it, please help me!
  8. Yep... One of the best from them... Never get tired of it:)
  9. I miss their old style... but I also enjoy their music now days... Actually I think it's brilliant fresh music, but I agree, it's not psytrance anymore! Back in the days they made some of the greatest tracks I've ever heard, but I think they just wanna move on and work on new stuff... new challenges... I liked some of the tracks in Im the supervisor (Frog Machine, Stretched, Meduzze, n shit).... But I think the next album will be way much better! I've heard 4 - 5 of their newest tracks live, and they sounded really promising!! They next album may be a double album, one freestyle, and one trancedisc.. I've heard a track live that I think is "Forgive Me" who will be on the next album, And I gotta say, that really touched me.. Aizen on some serious pads, with Netz on some "pink floyd kinda" guitar... God it was beautiful!!! But time will tell... They think the nexxt album will be out in March 2006
  10. I love Trold=) Was on their unofficial releaseparty for this album a couple of years back... On Mexican mushroomS=) And it was the best party I ever been too... All the sounds who was travelling around my head, and that deep forest/mushroom mood=) AMAZING!! And their also Norwegians, good to hear some quality releases from here up north=)
  11. Pep


    Musique is unique...
  12. Hey.. Got the album the other day, really liked it... good quality and good moods=) Is Nystagmus a big IM fan??? I heard some of the tracks sounded very much like old Infected Mushroom tracks.. It's like remixes or something... Normally I wouldn't like this, but in this album it doesn't bother me for some reason... I love the moods in it=) Maybe because I missed this style for a while... Anyway, here's some tracks that sounds like each other.. Consciusness - The Shen You're Messed Up - Tommy The Bat (Not that much, but I feel the same feeling) Never Turn Your Back - Bust A Move (The End, 5.20 -> out) And Weird Noises is also similar to an IM track, but can't remember who=( Someone knows who?? Listen from 5.17 --> I'm almost sure it's IM
  13. Mmm... Very good album... Been waiting for an album with that mood since Classical Mushroom Ordered it for a week ago.... haven't arrived yet=( Can't wait, only heard it twice before I deleted it and logged on to psyshop
  14. Ok, first, I'v been makin' music for some time now... I've made some kicks in Soundforge 7, and there is one that I'm pleased with, it's not sota, but very nice if you work a little bit on it! I will share it if someone wants it=) I've tried to make better and different kicks, but it's not easy! So maybe some of you have a good kickdrum to share??? My Kick Second, I feel I can manage the most important sounds in a track, BUT basslines!! I know this is a normal issue, and I've been reading some tips, but I will ask anyway! It would be great if someone could try to give me a good bassline toturial!! Not the setup of the bassline, but the sound of the bass!! Specially mastering with the kick! I really suck at that And if it helps, the bass sound I like is the kind that Infected Mushroom use... Specially in Classical Mushroom and BP Empire!
  15. Hello This is my first post here, but I've been reading here for a good while... Anyway, the track you are looking for is : "Infected Mushroom - Oforial" (I don't know if it is a fake name though)
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