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  1. Hello My friend did this. He'll make an user soon. Please tell us what you think. Do you like it? http://www.myspace.com/vividrainmusic
  2. yes yes yes nice party lot's of energy... bucharest is cool too ... right???
  3. Moni here's another reason to come to bucharest : on the 4th of mars we have a party. and for turkey it seems that train to istanbul and then bus to antalya. i'm buying a new camera for turkey ... we'll be the paparazzi group taking pictures of each other :-))
  4. we've been to constanta last weekend and some guys from there are coming too .. huraaayyy! they told us about this train pass for 5 days for the balkans - 50 Euro I haven't gotten into it yet got to check it ! ... by train ... would be the answer
  5. hello we are six people from bucharest - we've bought the tickets so i'll see u there we can't wait ; it'll be great !!! good luck and travel safely !
  6. Hello Here is something I made for you now. Not much - i mean it is probably not enough but I can never make a playlist before and actually stick to it. The thing is that I've just discovered Neelix and I can't hold still. About the hour - dunno- warm up or morning , whateva... Meller - Phase Nach (Etnoscope remix) Lish -Sunday Muse Frechbax- Lollipop Sensient - Guns'n Amo Freq - FreqTal(Zero One edit) Neelix - Complication Magnetrixxx - Skaphander Echotek vs Side effect - Another Era Sensient - Tropicana Neelix - The Next Tell me...
  7. This album is OK as far as i can remember I think i really liked the I and the II track. intelligent and ....pfffffftt i'm not good at labeling music - all the music i like is intelligent. obvious !
  8. Nice thread . I'll answer first and then read all the other replies. in short... my father is a jazz maniac. he 's really pasionate about it. i remember being little - he bought records from Poland ( in Romania back then you couldn't find many foreign jazz records) , I remember dancing togheter with him and my brother :-)) My mom ... don't know why she's not into music , she buys stuff ocasionally :-( My music budy growing up was my brother even if sometimes we lost track of one another. I liked different kinds of music, when i was 14 I went on holiday in Germany (thats 1994) and found rave and Marusha, Dune etc Then highschool and i had new class mates and it was that Nirvana period. Then I got into "harder" rock - doom,... can't even remember the names of the styles but I remember Theater of Tragedy then I had the boyfriend and i got so caught up in it that for one year i had general music taste ( very sad, i know) then i broke up with him and after a while i was born again into goa trance :-)) since that moment i listened to that constantly even if in the last two years i started listening almost exclusively .. happy end. or? To be continued
  9. I can't decide between funny and wrong. i live in bucharest romania and we romanians always tend to compare things with our ex-communists - "in transition" neighbours. What happens in Moscow is an exception in this area. I guess there are some factors that would explain the whole situation but still it's somehow of a shock. So I wonder ... how does it feel to live in a society where psy is "almost" mainstream. I decided: I'll go with confused ...
  10. I'm shocked by the poor reviews here.:-( I think that every one of the songs of this album has been a favourite for me. It is that kind of music that speaks to you. Or to me at least :-( just my favourite on 2005 so far :-))
  11. This album is very good and it's a mistake to listen to it from the first' album point of view. Take it as it is. It's clear and coherent , intelligent, danceble (it's always an important point in my book). Now Sensient is one of my favourites. Thanks for many happy moments. :-)
  12. Great album. and I love how every track is different. and the depeche thing ... i loooove it and that juno reactor track just makes me dance whatever i do and time machine - 5 - 6:30 - pure bliss and heaven for me
  13. I am. But I live in Romania so it's not the same ...
  14. you'll be leaving tommorow right? well i'm going to spain too from 10 -17 th may but i chose barcelona and valencia ... we've just made the reservations . maybe we should open a new topic with tips for those travelling to spain .. :-) Anyway I'll be waiting for you to tell me things about valencia... i'll be right here !
  15. last 12 days of 24... i'm still 24 .. i tried so hard to come to terms with getting old and turning 25 and now realizing that i'm still 24 the first thought was : The last days of 24, I have to make the most of them . :-))
  16. hey guys me and some friends of mine look for a mixer maybe you can give us some advice because i would like to buy a dj mixer and maybe 2 cdj, i was wondering if u might know where i can do that online and what is the best to buy based on the price/quality ratio. but i'm not looking for something expensive or very profesional, the mixer should be no more then 200 $. i wanted to buy a behringer a few days ago, but someone told me that they r not very good... what do u think?
  17. Roua


    Maybe you should bet over this. I very much hope it'll be better but I like We Interface ..so for the next to be better .. well .. i'm not that lucky.. and as i'm betting i have to sum up the probabilities and say i think the next album won't be better.. but when the album is released how will we judge its quality....?
  18. well... dream body is ok (but i'm an "obsesive listener " who sucks the life from every nice tune so) after 5 times i was already bored... (and that in my book classifies as OK for the first tune of the night when no one else but me is paying attention :-) ) The rest I couldn't even finish listening to ... it reminded me too much of the music played in the clubs around here. But I'll listen to it again ... you know the saying ... pacience is a virtue... but then again isn't it lost time?
  19. hey... show them the picture (and me cause i don't have the patience to check out again all the pictures to find it)... with the 2 girls dancind in the middle of some pleople one givin the other "the vibe ". i can't get it out of my head. (??) hehehe thanx.
  20. @ Webgrrl : I checked out all the pictures (yes all of them ). It was like I couldn't stop I just had to see... All I want to say is that you've done a GREAT job. All are beautiful, some i'm in love with . Thank you.
  21. i'll have a very happy day today !! thanx!!
  22. Huraaaaaaaaayyyyyyy !!! i have to celebrate this . What a good news, I've been expecting this since... forever (!!??) And reading your replies it seems I have to stay cool and stop worrying about whether the style has changed or not or whether i'll be dissapointed... you know... perfection... is tricky.
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