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  1. hehe.. thanks......! there was plenty of HOT people --- lots of beautiful gorgeoooooous goddesses around too Actually, there was more women then men i thinks.... so good to see
  2. Yes we in our summer now.. Summer is here till about May....then things start gettin cold cold... the coldest it gets here......is your balmy temps the snows r about 4hrs drive from me...... hope u get to warm up lots.... here's some pix to warm u up.. xx
  3. im not too sure.. some goddess.tribal stuff... also Aboriginal elders blessing the land, and thanking the spirits..
  4. preparation before the opening ceremony @ rainbow serpent festival 2005 cheeky friend! nice weather *best clouds!*
  5. thanks Roua and all others too... if any of you want the graphix ive done in 800x600 -- just ask mmkay? i havent had time to update the wallpaperz section, infact im soooooooooo behind in my own projects (OZDOOF, PSYDJS, PSYDEWALK + more) cuz im doin other ppls stuff.. *blah* .. but its the start of my career (workin from home, whilst raisin my kids) -- so i cant complain, cuz its reaaaaally good...to finally get in the 'boys club' hehe..so to speak Im on MSN if anyone u want to chat... cuz i work LONG hours in front of this computer.....n chattin keep me goin as i work/design ok..back to designing... now..
  6. some pics from the recent EARTHCORE 2004 (Australia) simon posford; cooling off the heat :
  7. actually for a January, it was quite cold at night! not freezing but the nights went to around 9-10C - which is NOT the usual in our summers! But then, this is Melbourne (ilove this place) where we can have 4 seasons in one day! hehe the day times at the moment, r quite hot at around 33-37C
  8. Rainbow Serpent Festival 2005 ( jan21-25 ) Australia
  9. the psy scene is all over the world.... n im so thankful that these days its possible..for us to travel..and connect with all ....thru travel & also internet.. its a good scene here in australia.. but like anything good....we have to look after it.. nuture it.. constantly... i try and take photos ..the beauty i see in all around me.... and in the psy community...i see the most hope so i hope u dont mind me.. putting here and there, my fav photos....... so that it instigate.. inspire...and evoke.....something, within U ~namaste~
  10. yeah..i did ..long time ago.... like about 4yrs ago.. then forums came into action...heh yeah..im still doing photos....even more now! got some KillaH shots we just had rainbow serpent festival in australia .. here's one from the sunday morning (protoculture was playing)
  11. hello, im new here too... i joined awhile ago...sometime....somewhere * i get around abit..hehe* but now would like to connect and spend more time with international fellow doofers *psylovers*... as i want to start travelling real soon... im a graphix n music person... i dont dj.... i dont make music.. im all visualistix !
  12. u might find something in my site mine comes from photos, i took ... from psytrance parties, too.. 100% genuine PSY! *showing below in smaller size*
  13. pix of the MAN himself @ the recent Earthcore 2005, Australia..
  14. some photos from the recent 2005 Tribeadelic Gathering in Australia..
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