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  1. Thank you bro, you superman We will make it together and we add all names who make pre-orders to buklet of poem. Aum
  2. 5 interesting things about our new compilation: http://globalsect.ru/blog/five-things
  3. Yes man its little mistake! Thanks. I think we will send all orders 23-27 december.
  4. Hello my friend! Sorry, but we can send all orders only after 25 december! 1 december is deadline of pre-sales! Sorry bro!
  5. Of course! We will send messages to all clients who make orders with t-shirts!
  6. Hi man you not have download link??? Please send e-mail to us we will give link to you: adept@globalsect.ru
  7. Thanks for your order man! You very help us. We need many resourses for this crazy project
  8. Cool Thanks bro, your label make amazing work. We have many active people, its very help us.
  9. Global Sect is glad to present new digital release «The Mystery of Crystal Worlds. Prologue». Five amazing magical tracks in the style of downtempo goa trance, will take you to the magical atmosphere of the mysterious Crystal Worlds. Tracklist: 1.Psy-H Project - Krishna or Maya (15:54) 2.Morphic Resonance - Outro (Extendet Version) (06:34) 3.Liquid Flow - Event Horizon (06:18) 4.Celestial Intelligence - Hidden Valley (07:38) 5.Artifact303 - Delirium (Downward Spiral) (07:37) Get all the tracks for free now! Please visit our site to get more details: http://globalsect.ru/crystal-worlds This release is the official supplement to our new compilation «The Mystery of Crystal Worlds» - special3CD gift edition, including a colorful booklet with psychedelic action-poem. You have a unique opportunity to get this digital release for free right now by filling out the pre-order ofour newcompilation. Label: Global Sect Music Release data: 1 october 2015 Cover Art: Ahankara Art Mastering: Tim Schuldt (4CN Studios)
  10. Dont worry guys We will finish landing page for pre-sales on our site soon and go go go. MOCW - is more big project that just music compilation and we need many time. And we have some surprizes
  11. Hi bro, happy end will be soon. I think we will start pre sales in next 2-3 weeks.
  12. Hi guys, we have all e-mails, all cool ))) Keep calm and trust in Global Sect
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