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  1. It is finally out!! More info and sales links here: http://www.vertigo-records.com/trold-time-for-solution Enjoy and support you favorite artists!!
  2. Vibe Festival opens its gates for a second time to a wonderland of eclectic music, diverse arts and exciting activities brought together from different parts of the world to a vibrant, intimate and picturesque setting in the Czech Republic National Park. Last year’s guests were full of positive feedback after experiencing our cosy facilities that include a handy camping area, easy access to a clean swimming pond and a beautiful forest. They loved being able to open their minds and hearts in workshops before diving into a pool of crystal clear sound. So we’d like to invite you back to the same place to join the Vibe and share the best side of yourself with like-minded people. Don’t hesitate to bring your kids, as we’ll have a special area just for them with an exciting program full of activities and classes. We’re working hard to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and cultural exchange. More info and updates: www.vibefestival.eu Vibe Stage LIVE SETS TALPA ( Sundance Rec ) Serbia http://vibefestival.eu/talpa/ SHOTU ( Hadra Rec ) France http://vibefestival.eu/shotu/ IANUARIA ( Blue Hour Sounds ) Austria http://vibefestival.eu/ianuaria/ MERKABA ( Zenon Records ) Australia http://vibefestival.eu/merkaba/ FUNKY DRAGON ( Iono Music ) Austria http://vibefestival.eu/funky-dragon/ LOOPUS IN FABULA ( Fabula Rec) / Italy http://vibefestival.eu/loopus-in-fabula/ DISSOCIACTIVE ( Sun Station Rec ) Russia http://vibefestival.eu/dissociactive/ SOUTHWILD ( Wild Things ) Germany http://vibefestival.eu/southwild/ DISTORTED GOBLIN ( Sonic Chakras Rec ) Macedonia http://vibefestival.eu/distorted-goblin/ FRAGRETROLLET ( Shaman Films ) Norway http://vibefestival.eu/fragletrollet/ GAPPEQ ( Parvaty Rec ) Czech Republic REALITY PIXIE ( Vertigo Rec ) Australia http://vibefestival.eu/reality-pixie/ THE GROBIANS ( Hypnotica Rec ) Sweden http://vibefestival.eu/the-grobians/ SORROWMURK ( Sun Station Rec ) Russia http://vibefestival.eu/sorrowmurk/ THE RIDDLER ( Tesseract Studio ) Serbia http://vibefestival.eu/1591-2/ ANIX GLEO ( Arkona Creation Rec ) Russia http://vibefestival.eu/anix-gleo/ TIJAH ( Uroboros Records ) / Brazil http://vibefestival.eu/tijah/ GYRRO ( Mystika ) Slovakia TRIMURTHI ( Surface Tension ) Slovakia http://vibefestival.eu/trimurthi/ DJs LIQUID ROSS ( Liquid Records ) UK http://vibefestival.eu/liquid-ross/ BOM SHANKAR ( BMSS Rec ) Germany http://vibefestival.eu/bom-shankar/ TSUBI ( Sun Festival / Human Touch ) Hungary http://vibefestival.eu/tsubi-2/ UNITONE ( Vertigo Rec / SunStation Rec ) Russia http://vibefestival.eu/unitone/ ZOOCH ( Arkona Creation ) Lithuania http://vibefestival.eu/zoooch/ AVARA ( Blue Hour Sounds ) Finland http://vibefestival.eu/avara/ ALANITA ( Cosmic Conspiracy / Uroboros Records ) / Brazil http://vibefestival.eu/alanita/ OCHEN ( Mystical Arts Events ) Poland http://vibefestival.eu/ochen/ PETRIX ( Arkona Creation) Ukraine http://vibefestival.eu/petrix/ PAUL+ (Arkona Creation) UK http://vibefestival.eu/paul/ ONREJ PSYLA ( Mystical Waves, Ganja Tree ) Czech Republic http://vibefestival.eu/ondrej_syla/ ANDY FORCE ( Mutagen Rec. ) / UK http://vibefestival.eu/andy-force/ IVGENERATE ( Arkona Creation ) Russia MISS PISKEY ( Arkona Creation ) UK http://vibefestival.eu/miss-piskey/ More TBC. Pantoon Stage LIVE SETS SPOONBILL ( Omelette Records) Australia http://vibefestival.eu/spoonbill/ ASTROPILOT ( Altar Rec ) Russia http://vibefestival.eu/astropilot/ LAKAY ( Hadra Rec ) France http://vibefestival.eu/lakay/ SLACKBABA ( Liquid Recs ) UK http://vibefestival.eu/slackbaba/ KALYA SCINTILLA ( Merkaba Music ) Australia http://vibefestival.eu/kalya-scintilla/ EL ROSTRO DE LA MEDUSA ( Sticky Music ) Spain http://vibefestival.eu/el-rostro-de-la-medusa/ MOTE. ( Ajnavisions Rec.) Australia http://vibefestival.eu/mote/ UCHU (Spaceradio Rec. ) Russia http://vibefestival.eu/uchu/ LEMON TREE ( Blue Hour Sounds) UK http://vibefestival.eu/lemon-tree/ More TBC. DJs IVGENERATE ( Sticky Music ) Russia http://vibefestival.eu/ivgenerate/ Tuatara ( Trimurti Rec) Belarus http://vibefestival.eu/tuatara/ More TBC. DECO 3DELICA (Russia) http://vibefestival.eu/3delica/ More TBC. VJs TECHNO GNOME (UK) http://www.technognome.co.uk/ More TBC. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We create the festival together with you. To fulfill our vision in its entirety we need the support of all participants… and the more support we get in advance, the more it helps us to provide the best experience possible for all of us… Ticket price includes 3 days & nights camping, car park, hot showers, tap water and the great Vibe experience!!!! PRICES FOR YOUR VIBE TICKETS 1st WAVE TILL 31.12.2013 30 EURO+BF 2nd WAVE TILL 31.03.2013 40 EURO+BF 3rd WAVE TILL 31.05.2013 50 EURO+BF GATES 27.06.2012 60 EURO Available @ www.vibefestival.eu
  3. presents VA - Compos Mentis Artist: Various Cat. number: VERTIGOEP03 Type: EP Genre: psytrance Tracks: 5 + bonus Release 01-02-2013 Design: Andrei Verner Mastering: Colin OOOD Tracklist: 01. Rey Smugglers - Alien Coalition 02. Derker - Back to Life 03. Terrafractyl vs. Launchpad - On the Flip Side 04. Soladria - Step into Colors 05. Cat Sized Climbers - Gonno Troppo Bonus track: Whoop - Dark Elves Vertigo Records presents a new digital compilation “Compos Mentis” with sparkling groovy morning tunes within original style that label has been following during last few years. It includes fresh tracks by such artists as: Terrafractyl and Launchpad – musical wizards from the land of OZ, Rye Smugglers and Soladria – amazing acts from Finland on whom you should keep an eye in near future, as well as debut appearance by Derker who previously was known as Whoop and a part of infamous Furious project. Also we have really exclusive track from no one else as Vasili Psykovsky himself under his alias as Cat Sized Climbers. VA Compos Mentis ( Latin: of clear mind ) is designed especially to help you find your mind during crazy morning dance floor marathons. Remember no matter how wild and chaotic things might be around us, somewhere deep inside in the centre of our cosmic nature there observing part of us that always remains uninvolved and indifferent. Digital downloads now available @ Vertigo online shop: http://vertigorecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-compos-mentis Also at all your favorite digital traders: Juno, Beatport, iTunes, Psyshop etc Still Fresh on Vertigo Records: OOOD - You Think You Are / http://www.vertigo-records.com/o.o.o.d Terrafractyl - Electronic Evolution / http://www.vertigo-records.com/terrafractyl-electronic-evolution Coming up soon on Vertigo Records: Trold - Time for Solutions / 3 rd album by legendary vikings VA - Peace and Love 3 / new chapter of popular chill out CD series Join Vertigo Records on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/VertigoRec
  4. presents Transdriver - Antiethno Artist: Transdriver Title: Antiethno Cat. number: VERTIGOEP02 Type: EP Genre: psytrance Tracks: 4 Lenght: 35:23 Release 04-10-2012 Design: Shoom Mastering: Alexey Kovalev Listen and get more info about release : Vertigo Records is happy to announce a series of digital only releases and we are even more proud to present a new EP by truly pioneer of psychedelic music in Russia Alexey Kovalev aka Transdriver who is known for his very unique sound of psyctrance that he was developing since the mid 90 ies. He was one of Vertigo core artists since the begging and released his cult album for Russian psychedelic scene ‘Between Day and Night’ on 2 CDs in autumn 2005. Brand new ANTIETHNO EP contains four tracks with main idea of combining ethnic and classical music instruments with sounds created by the means of charged particles motion. The aim was to show in sound the success of these different ways of music production. ANTIETHNO is a contradistinction to one-sided approach in music. There is music, which carries ideas regardless the style and means of expression and if the combination of different approaches allows better transfer of author’s ideas to the listener so we have to go for it. Digital downloads now available @ Vertigo online shop: http://shop.vertigo-records.com/album/antiethno-ep Also at all your favorite digital traders: Juno, Beatport, iTunes etc Still Fresh on Vertigo Records: Terrafractyl - Electronic Evolution / http://www.vertigo-records.com/terrafractyl-electronic-evolution Yudhisthira - Sine Qua Non Album / http://www.vertigo-records.com/Yudhisthira Coming up soon on Vertigo Records: O.O.O.D. - You Think You Are / new album be legendary fab four from UK VA - Compas Mentis / digital compilation featuring tunes by Terrafractyl, Hedonix, Rey Smugglers, Soladria, Derker aka Whoop VA - Peace and Love 3 / new chapter of popular chill out CD series Trold - Time for Solutions / new album by legendary vikings For all questions regarding bookings and licencing please write to: info@vertigo-records.com Join Vertigo Records on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/VertigoRec
  5. presenets: VA - CASUAL FREAKS Listen and get it now! Sun Station Records presents a compilation by long time label A&R and experienced DJ Unitone, which reflects his wide musical tastes across the variety of psychedelic trance sub-genres. The idea was to take some of the favorite dance floor stompers from the DJ case, regardless of style, and create a smooth shift from dusk till dawn, so you will find really different influences on this compilation: from deeper moody tunes by Red & Pan Psychic, Gaiana, and the wild cat Ocelot; a couple of twisted night time thrillers with the oldschool touch by such pioneering producers in their countries as Kadasarva (Ukraine) and Rahatmahatix (Slovakia); some extremely groovy and funky blasters by hotest Suomi boys Eraser and Yöjalka, Russia’s secret talent Glooex and French veteran Squazoid accompanied by Miss Little Pumpkin. And last but not least, a couple of gorgeous morning tunes by Bassid (Holland) and Timeflux (Slovakia). We believe that every dedicated psytrance listener will find something special for their aural pleasure. This release is perfectly mastered by the legendary Colin OOOD and the artwork is designed by talented Moscow graphic designerAndrei Verner. A limited amount of label's T-Shirts with amazing artwork for this release is available from our online shop: http://shop.sunstation.ru/album/va-casual-freaks Visit our website for more info about our releases and upcoming projects:SunStation
  6. Andromeda - Equilibrium Listen online Artist: Andromeda Title: Equilibrium Label:Vertigo records Cat. №: VERTIGOCD027 Release Date: 20.07.2012 Style: psyprogressive Mastering: Colin Bennun @ OOOD Studiooooo Track list: 1. Equilibrium 2. Ill fly with you 3. Tron Escape 4. The Great Giana Sisters 5. Inharmonic Symphony 6. Temple of groove 7. The art of Winne the Pooh 8. Cruise Control 9. Heart of a star This release is definitely one of the most long awaited comebacks in the scene. Oh yes, the legendary Scandinavian progressive trance maestro Anders Nilsson aka Andromeda is back with a completely new and exciting solo album – something that all his fans have been waiting for more than 5 years. The album’s symbolic title “Equilibrium” shows that this music is capable of putting one's mind, ears, and body into a state of perfect balance, which will let you dance, dream, or meditate depending on what your senses dictate at that particular moment in time. Andromeda’s music suits all these moments. Anders presented us with a very well thought-out and perfectly produced album full of deep progressive grooves, charming melodies, and beautiful dreamy vocals. There is no doubt that most of the tracks from this album will become dance floor anthems in the upcoming open air festival season and in the years to come. You were waiting for this masterpiece for so long: now at last grab your copy and fill yourself with love. Digital downloads are now available exclusively at Vertigo online shop: http://shop.vertigo-records.com/album/andromeda-equilibrium CDs will be available at online shops on 20th of July: Psyshop Beatspace SaikoSounds Also very soon at all your favorite digital traders like Beatport, Juno, iTunes etc Still Fresh: Terrafractyl - Electronic Evolution / http://www.vertigo-records.com/terrafractyl-electronic-evolution Yudhisthira - Sine Qua Non Album http://www.vertigo-records.com/Yudhisthira Coming up soon on Vertigo Records: Whoop - EP / first solo ep by former member of infamous Furious project VA - Peace and Love 3 / new chapter of popular chill out CD series Trold - Time for Solutions / new album by legendary vikings in the end of 2012 For all questions regarding bookings and licencing please write to: info@vertigo-records.com Join Vertigo Records on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vertigo-Records/167947396621119
  7. Sun Station Records presents Dissociactive vs Sorrowmurk - Blast From The Past Download “Blast from the Past” is a very special gift to all the fans of the legendary Russian psytrance band Dissociactive. This release is a collection of previously unreleased tracks written during 2003-2005 by Jorik (who now days makes music as Sorrowmurk) and Slava (who continues to run the Dissociactive project), and were thought to have been lost forever after an epic hard drive failure. However, in a stroke of luck, the original files were recently discovered on a friend’s computer, and are now re-mastered and presented to you as this free release on Sun Station Records. So enjoy the original sound from the Russian psychedelic underground! Release Info cat.number: SSTAR18 type: EP genre:Psytrance tracks: 5 lenght:33:43 min release date:April 2012 mastering:Slava Dissociactive artwork: E. Kiselev / http://ekiselev.com/ Tracklist: 1. Dissociactive vs. Sorrowmurk - Vitamin-K 2. Dissociactive vs. Sorrowmurk - So Good 3. Dissociactive vs. Sorrowmurk - Distortion 4. Dissociactive vs. Sorrowmurk - Huga Buga 5. Dissociactive vs. Sorrowmurk - Vanga Download Arsits booking More music and news here : www.SunStation.ru
  8. Sun Station Records presents Kala – Growing in the Galaxy EP artist: Kala title: Growing In The Galaxy label: Sun Station Records cat num: SSTAR17 type: EP genre: Psychedelic trance time: 26:09 min cover art by: Jure Mali mastering: Syncmasters Studio Download Sun Station Records proudly presents Kala (“time” in ancient Sanskrit), a psychedelic trance project founded by two soul-mates from Macedonia, Prodanov Zoran and Toromanoski Darko (DJ Darko). “Growing in the Galaxy” is their long-awaited second EP, it contains 3 powerful psytrance tracks that will take you on a breathtaking galactic ride! The EP is full of juicy old school sounds, dynamic basslines and cosmic energy, and any fans of the Macedonian psychedelic sound will enjoy it a lot. Stay tuned for more sounds from this promising eastern European project! More Info about Kala Booking Requests More Info about Sun Station Records artists and releases
  9. Vertigo Records presents: Terrafractyl - Electronic Evolution Listen online Artist: Terrafractyl Title: Electronic Evolution Label:Vertigo records Cat. №: VERTIGOCD026 Release Date: 30.03.2012 Style: morning psytrance Cover Design: Lewis Smart Mastering: Felix Greenlees @ Fractal Studio Track list: 1. Precognition 2. vs. Positive Thought - The Power of Your Mind 3. No Matter 4. Electronic Evolution 5. Free Standing Pickles - The Dreamfields 6. A new level of Reality 7. Cab Calloway – The man from Harlem ( Terrafractyl RMX) 8. Our Eyes can Deceive Us 9. The Cluttered path 10. Clarity 11. Inner Peace 12. Everything is Perfect Always We are entering a new era of human consciousness evolution; it’s time for global awareness and it’s time to unleash some special music. So Vertigo Records is bringing out for you an absolutely innovative album by one of the most productive and talented producers from the land of Oz, Felix Greenlees aka Terrafractyl titled ‘Electronic Evolution’. Being a classically trained musician Felix knows perfectly how to create a harmonic balance of a mixture of beautiful sparkling melodies, playful funky grooves, various real instruments and thoughtful words. All these make Terrafractyl’s sound so breathtaking and so different from anything you have heard before. This music is designed especially for those glorious morning moments when people are meeting on dance floors after trippy nights and sharing smiles with everyone around. Some intresting collborations with such artsits as Positive Thought and Launchpad as Free Standing Pickles featured on this album as well. No doubt Felix’s productions are at the cutting-edge of modern psychedelic music with all his projects: Terrafractyl, Hypnagog and Mental Extentions. So open your heart, your mind and pereapre your body for a colorful audio journey You will never forget. CDs and digital downloads are available in our online shop: http://shop.vertigo-records.com It's also possible to buy this CD in Tallinn for special price of 8 euro. Just PM me or mail to unitone@vertigo-records.com Also latest Vertigo CDs will be avaliabel at upcoming even Mantargaq - Tree of Life for the special prices. Stay tuned! Main online shops: Beatsapce Psyshop SaikoSounds World Distrbution: http://www.arabesquedistribution.com Terrafractyl will have European Tour album support tour this summer from 13th July to mid August. Few dates are still open. If you are interested in booking Terrafractyl Live act mail us for details: info@vertigo-records.com Other releases and news http://www.vertigo-records.com Still Fresh: VA - 25 Reasons for Life / http://www.vertigo-r....com/25-Reasons Yudhisthira - Sine Qua Non / http://www.vertigo-r...com/Yudhisthira Coming up soon on Vertigo Records: Andormeda - Equilibrium NEW Album (Summer 2012 ) Join Vertigo Records on facebook: http://www.facebook....pages/Vertigo-R ... 7396621119
  10. Well thanks for starting this topic, really appreciate your interst here is some officail info Listen online Track list: 01-Sacred Cave 02-The Room 03-Spiritual Entity 04-Material World 05-City Scapes 06-Maya 07-Om Nama Narayana 08-Kaneo 09-Weirding Way Release Info: Artist: YUDHISTHIRA Title: Sine Qua Non Label:Vertigo records Cat. №: VERTIGOCD025 Release Date: 25 november 2011 Style: psytrance, goatrance Duration: 77:30 min Cover Design: Spirit Medicine Mastering: Tim Shuldt @ 4CNStudios Vertigo Records presents the new long carved second album by pioneering psytrance act from the mystic land of Macedonia - YUDHISTHIRA . ‘Sine Qua Non’ is a real psychedelic audio fairytale narrated by experienced storytellers. The story is a deep emotional voyage through mountains, enigmatic caves, flourish forests and other sacred places where music will be your reliable guide. Their sound is sometimes deep and dark and sometimes radiant like crystal. It is a perfect tool to escape from our modern material world and plunge into the world of sound full of adventure and mysticism. Ogi and Bugi (Yudhisthira) gather their many years of experience within psychedelic music to create a complex, original and perfectly balanced sound of modern psytrance. It’s a must have album for all serious psychedelic trance followers around the globe. Be ready to feel the sacred spirit and ancient roots of your beloved music. CDs and digital downloads avaliable in our online shop: http://shop.vertigo-records.com And in main online shops: Psyshop, Beatspace, Saiko Sounds World Distrbution: http://www.arabesquedistribution.com For booking Yudhisthira Live act mail us : info@vertigo-records.com Other releases and news www.vertigo-records.com Still Fresh: VA - 25 Reasons for Life / http://www.vertigo-records.com/25-Reasons VA - Culture Vulture / http://www.vertigo-records.com/va-culture-vulture1 Coming up soon on Vertigo Records: Terrafractyl - Electronic Evolution NEW Album( February 2012) Andormeda - Equilibrium NEW Album (March 2012 ) Join Vertigo Records on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vertigo-Records/167947396621119
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