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  1. Hi guys.... I need a sound card and a pair of active monitors. I'm between 2 sound cards: M-Audio Fast Track C400 Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 Witch one is better? Now, about active monitors, i need something not to take over too mutch space because my workstation space is limited and if it is possible the connections of the monitors not to be from behind because i can not avoid the back wall problem. Also my budget is around 400-500euros (for monitors).
  2. Okay. Thanks a lot! I will take a look to see what i can do. I also expect to see other opinions as many it is possible. I think it is very helpful to read crowd critics. About sounding is it clean?
  3. Hi guys! I would love to see some opinions, suggestions and critics about my psytrance track i wrote recently. Here it is: http://snd.sc/Ntc0Bo
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