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  1. Bought some cds, all are in perfect state, fast shipping, nice communication. recommended!
  2. Excellent, what more can I say!
  3. Can you add mine please? http://www.discogs.com/user/Spikesan and this is kvd's: http://www.discogs.com/user/kvd thanks
  4. well if you ever find it and want to get rid of it... let me know. and sorry for spoiling the thread.
  5. If it's really that much worth to you ('in a box somewhere' ) you might want to consider selling it to me.
  6. When I started going to goa parties yes, because I didnt know anyone and I just went for dancing... but not anymore now because I know so many people.
  7. Though communication is sometimes a bit confusing, got my cds in excellent state. thanks.
  8. Nice communication and cds arrived as planned. recommended! thanks
  9. Actually, I havent got a clue! But I'll listen to it, if you want (when I feel like it... )
  10. Alien project en 1200 micrograms are gone :posford: Just the drum and bass left
  11. Thanks honey, I know... so, the first one is drum 'n bass. Not interested?
  12. It's worth a try, maybe some Full on fans? For sale: Iqwara - Drum 'N' Bass El Afrika http://www.discogs.com/release/239994 Just make an offer... Also willing to trade.
  13. My pleasure. I am going to dig into all those artists mentioned here... one day, when I have time.
  14. I know it's not for me, but: Love it!!
  15. No one? Preferably in good shape...
  16. Hi, I am really looking for the Bell size park - the truth is there cd... if anyone wants to sell it or even trade (http://www.discogs.com/user/Spikesan) let me know! thanks sanne
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