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  1. Spawn is the pinnacle of a great era. The rolling bassline killed psytrance for me. Trouble is fun and cheeky but Spawn is just orgasmic. That bassline is the best.
  2. Nothing Simon does will ever beat the first album, at least from a downtempo perspective. That said, Nothing Lasts was by far my least favourite album. Really didn't get into it, and still struggle to. This album is so much better. It is almost as good as Tales of the Inexpressible, and if the last track was half as epic as as '... Tea Daze' or '... Into Night' Then it would've got number two in my insignificant tally of Shpongle albums. Can't beat the first cos the first is so much more spacy and synth based. It is other-wordly whereas the subsequent albums all have real instruments as the foreground. Fair enough I guess, it's his band. Also, the liner notes were really interesting. Talks about how all the tracks were made, albeit briefly. Hope Sound on Sound or Future Music interview him more extensively. Good photos too on CD sleeve.
  3. the reason the yanks drop the u is because of the civil war days. To save on printing costs. To justify me saying this I will say that this album is simply sublime.
  4. It isn't that weird an album, kinda like IDM - a more subdued Autechre will give you an idea. Give it a go - There is not any prolonged exposure to cheese on this album. Pavel, I was a bit skeptical in seeing BT on psynews reviews section, but this is kinda like IDM ;} On behalf of us trippers everywhere, we beseech thee the abstain from posting reviews of cheese. NO TIESTO
  5. The 1st track is psy-electro and I shouldn't worry that it sounds like it was 16-bit. I am presuming you listened to it on CD? Also, Siu Nim Tao I think means small Idea in cantonese which is quite clever given that it is probably very minimal. Looks Good.
  6. emmmgeee

    Koxbox - U-Turn

    The songs without the full-on bassline kinda remind me of the way they used to make tracks, but I think this album is too high in tempo as a whole to feel like a koxbox album. I reckon the Great Unknown was their peak, and Lunar Bin was like what Soma was to the Smashing Pumpkins. The other thing missing is irregular timings, wich they've done throughout their career here and there. Also, The Great Unknown was a concept album - If you've read RAW's Cosmic Trigger, you'd note that the Great Unknown and the King of Jazz had excerpts from information supposedly channeled by Tim Leary while he was doing time. This album thus far hasn't got that cohesiveness. I am not disappointed, because I am sure another album will come to fruition soon enough. IN A WEEK WHO KNOWS, I COULD BE IN LOVE (But for now, it is all minilogue/son kite) Just putting it on again. I'd love to dance to this outdoors, but that doesn't mean it is a good album...
  7. Great CD; Intense, trippy as fuck, dense and drenched in psilocybed goo. I have to say that I'd prefer a little bit more variance like the Sanatonic Audio and the compilation before it, but fucken hell does this get me going. The next one should be huge, a name to watch for sure.
  8. Great News, and IMNSHO they are the kings, Psychopod Headlines EP & The Great Unknown album - beats Posford hands down. Although, Everything after this has been sub par and a bit dated. Hopefully it is as trippy as fuck, and has weird time signatures throughout it ala Lunar Bin and Great Unknown. Just as long as it doesn't sound like Saikopod...
  9. emmmgeee

    Koxbox - Dragon Tales

    Good, but it pales to psychopod's headlines and the next album after this - and then, it is lunar bin that is the best moment on that one. Koxbox indeed did have their own thing going on, with their weird time signatures and ability to pile on without having clutter. I'd advise anyone to see them if they came to your town, for me they are placed above posford (except fo perhaps shpongle 1, but if these guys made a chill album tomorrow they'd probably surpass that gem).
  10. I Concur with Moni of Womania (Where is that exactly?). I Used to have a fervent disliking for this group I dubbed as "Son Kite Lite", But Aero changed all of that. I only hope it isn't too housey, that I can't listen to it all the way through. BTW, how shit is Atmos 2nd Brigade??? Especially track 7.
  11. BB are one of my fave Prog artists, I like that they still sound like BB; they haven't tried to do something housey or clubby. I liked Pandora's Groovebox, though it is a shit name for an album; I think this album is a little close in proximity to that albums recentish release, as this ablbum sounds a bit similiar. I am waiting for the club/electro thing to pass, how about the rest of you?
  12. 2003 was good too when he came out... This album though, pretty ordinary in my opinion. Here is an interesting exercise - Imagine this was the first Shpongle Album, and the 1st one the final Shpongle album. Gonna be a long time before anything comparable to the scope and quality of the 1st Shpongle album comes along again. The 3 Shpongle albums in their declining level of quality, as a trilogy, is kinda like the matrix.
  13. I have only have a cursory perspective of this album, but I can say that I like it better than Talpa - this guy mixes sounds better, his background is prominent in the quality of the recording. I may be seen as heretical in saying this, but Talpa really sounded alot like Infected Mushroom on his debut album, I liked his output on compilations much more thn anything on the album. Although the influence of Infected Mushroom is easily percieved within 5 minutes, his own sound permeates through. I await further output with fervent anticipation, as I do with Talpa - he'll improve in leaps and bounds. Just goes to show you how influential Classical Mushroom was.
  14. I used to hate this kind of Trance back in the day, probably from ubiquity and lack of distinctive bass more than anything. It has only been the last couple of years that I have cultivated a taste for the melodic trance of Goan flavour, although I have always had a hankering for Koxbox/Psychopod which is probably the reason I eventually explored the music of their contemporaries. Against the backdrop of Full-On conformist, I am such a cool little hippy, don't you just love Skazi? drivel this is such a refreshing avenue of good party music, that begs for further investigation. I feel the Aes-Dana track is sooooo out of context though, I would've appreciated another bangin' track, perhaps even a collaboration involving Filteria. Get this because you miss the Pleiadians, it compliments them very well. I also hope the vibe of 97-98 (definetely my favourite period) is revisited with modern technology, where the Bassline is a teamplayer and not the main feature. I also hope AP kinda assess themselves and go, "Yeah, look at this, we have a place in today's trance scene" My Favourite track is track 3, that haunting pad does it for me against the other elements, really nice occupancy in the sonic spectrum, in that narrow band that causes the spinal shiva ;} also nice little distorted riff early on. Don't make the mistake of listening to this at work. The Filteria track is probably the weakest Aes Dana notwithstanding, but is still good. Someone send this to Raja Ram. 9/10
  15. In re: to the Mic/Preamp deal - I own that Mike and have found it to be really good especially for the money. M-Audio are okay as well as long as you stay far away from the USB stuff and go for the firewire. As for Logic - I found it really hard to use when it was on PC, but you can learn anything and it is more in-depth than Cubase SX3 but a radio telescope is more powerful than one from the store, it really does depend what your objective is. For Psytrance and even music more ambitious (Shponglish) any one would do, don't believe the hype, it is personal preference. Hey, you could even learn both and use both if you really wanted to.
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