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  1. V.A - "Psionic Groove" (Digital Psionics) not half bad for a full on cheese burger compilation :clapping:
  2. Ace Ventura Freq BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato wtf?) Astral Projection (great music, did heaps for the scene, such a lame name) Children of Paradise Total Eclipse just to name a few really bad ones... Darkpsy is funny as, if you met the guy and know he is just taking the piss out of people like Pavel who can't expand their minds beyond progressive house.
  3. It doesn't sound cheesey, it just doesn't sound anything close to being on par with the more um real electro producers (like Tegma and Ticon's new works). I think the only reason he heads this way is to make more money quickly, an it probably wll work in our scene for him, pretty sad really, but goodluck to him if this is what he really wants to him, maybe it willimprove and we will becoem impressed.
  4. :clapping: yeah awesome track... saw them live once and it was wicked! With D.A.V.E the Drummer and Chris Liberator. Another good one is Chris Liberator & ? - "303 Power"
  5. check them here, I reccomend all of them. http://www.saikosounds.com/english/show_la...sp?label_id=907
  6. no need to say sorry, gotta do what you gotta do Um, I might be putting up some Destination Goa & Distance to Goa in a few days... need to make my mind up to sell them or sell my Tantrance...
  7. yeah, I bought some Timecode cd's on sale last weekend, and loved them (about 10 of them), plus Midniht Storm II + III and they were so good Other than that my other new releases I got have been the entire UP Records discography. Really nice as well
  8. no only the above for sale. send me an email to soldierovdoom@gmail.com for your order and to organise payment
  9. oh and a pedal board for the geetar that runs stuff like wah and distortion etc. Also sometimes run the synth through the pedlas for some fun sounds.
  10. Just bought from Saikosounds: Artifakt - The Magus CD - Timecode - [TCCD023] Brethren - The Price Of Prophecy CD - Spectral - [sPLCD007] Scorb - Ipso Fvcto CD - Trick Music - [TRKCD001] Shift - Alternator CD - Nexus Media - [NEXUSCD014] Various Artists - Psionic Entity CD - Digital Psionics - [DPSI026] Various Artists - Psionic Groove CD - Digital Psionics - [DPSI024] Various Artists - Psionic Substance CD - Digital Psionics - [DPSI020] Various Artists - Psionic Tales Chapter 2 CD - Digital Psionics - [DPSI023] Various Artists - Deep Into The Nexus CD - Nexus Media - [NEXUSCD012] Various Artists - Edge CD - Nexus Media - [NEXUSCD010] Various Artists - Penguin Rebellion CD - Nexus Media - [NEXUSCD001] Various Artists - Source CD - Nexus Media - [NEXUSCD005]
  11. A lovely compilation. It really showcases how the quality of suntrips' music has increased over the years, espescially compared to Apsara. Nice to see this label entering into the realsm of down tempo as well. Thank you to Mars, Anoebis and Afgin for the lovel messages and signings in my booklet, it mean a lot you are all great blokes. All the best for the future
  12. Not willing to trade as I have too many cd's as it is (1000+).
  13. nothing to really photograph but my studio consists of: 2 x KRK Rokit 5 monitors 1 X M-Audio Midi Keyboard Cubase Fruityloops Alien 303 1 x Virus TI Snow 2 x CDJ100s 1 x DJM400 1 x Dean Dimebag Darrely Razorback guitar 1 x Marshall amplifier half stack
  14. These are all original and never listened to. I got them on sale from a store closing down, and don't like the music. I only take paypal. $8US per cd ($1 off per cd if you buy 5 or more), not including postage and handling. cd's: V.A - "Future Sound Theory 2" (Celestial Dragon) Four Carry Nuts - "Mechanical Age" (Aurinko) V.A - "Delicious" (Solstice) V.A - "Pure Imagination 3" (Utopia) V.A - "The Crystal Blaster" (Crystal Matrix) V.A - "Apsara" (Suntrip) V.A - "Full Power" (Sirius) V.A - "Hacking The Reality Myth" (Psy-Harmonics) V.A - "Psychlopedia: Term Full On" (Psychlopedia) V.A - "DJ Banel in the Mix" (Iboga) V.A - "Fourth Flight - Velocity" (Flying Rhino) V.A - "The Warp Experience" (Dragonfly/LSD) V.A - "Digital Emission" (Digital Structures) V.A - "Digital DJ 01" (Digital Structures" V.A - "Footprints" (Digital Structures" Triptych - "Electrology" (Turbo Trance) Space Tribe - "Heart Beat" (Spirit Zone) Shakta - "The Enlightened Ape" (DRagonfly) Puzzle - "The Missing Piece" (Materia) Prana - "Cyclone" (Matsuri/SPV Poland) Juno Reactor - "Labyrinth" (Metropolis) GMS - "The Remixes" (SPun) Elec3 - "Plug and Play" (Turbo Trance) Ecliptic - "A Fissure in Silence" (Maia) pm me or email soldierovdoom@gmail.com
  15. yes plenty of times early on, but not recently. I prefer to go now with people I know so that we can do something like orgnaise a comfortable and well planned time. When I go by myself it is usually just with some change of clothes, money for food and sleep out in the open, but it gets broing, depressing and I found if I take druqks it increase my paranoia to extreme levels.
  16. Josh Wink & Woody McBride - "Stairway To Headphones (DJ Slip Remix)" Chris Liberator - "Soul Mantra" Off Beats - "Vibrations (Original Mix)" Rob Acid - "Up" Lochi - "London Acid City (Original Mix)" The Plastik - "Hal & Son" Emmanuel Top - "Turkish Bazar (Massimo Vivona Mix)" Holy Spirit - "Domini" Ages Of Empire - "Stone Age" DDR & The Geezer - "Mad Cows On Acid (Rozzer's Dog Mix)" D.A.V.E. The Drummer - "Jacknife" this www.discogs.com/release/142279 is also really nice for the new(er) acid sounds. Anything from Rob Acid you can get your hands is a guaranteed gem, have seen him live 5-6 times and each time is pure acid heaven.
  17. Hi all :clapping: I was lucky enough to visit a music store over the weekend that was selling psy trance cd's at 3cd's for $8US. So I picked up all on sale (21) which I didn't own. Some nice goodies, and some other just for the sake of the price. ÆoN - "Orthodoxy" album ( www.discogs.com/release/860080 )is a real surprise for me, especially like the first track, but the whole albums is very nice for full on. I'm looking for any other detail on this artist and any other release info? Is somewhat lacking on Discogs. Ta, Soldierovdoom :drama:
  18. hmmmm I see it more as: Full On (Light) - Dark Psy (Dark) Progressive (Light) - Tech (Dark) for everything light there is a dark. There were many mor edark and scary trips back in the "old" days than Xenomorph or Sandman. Actually, if you have a listen to compilations such as Tantrance 4 and Pulse 5 most of the track sound very similar to a lot of the dark stuff out today, just with a stronger low end today. And in a scene that was based on the Hindu and Eastern religious and philosophical beliefs, I think that Satanism and the darker side of life is more than welcome. It is funny to see how many of you all carry on like grandmother's about it. Do you really think any of the producers who make it really care what you think? Attitude sells, look at Skazi. You all pay him out endlessly, but he is making so much money and he is so popular, why? He simply has an attitude that sells. I really thinkt ha personality is very important in the music and entertainment scene, and it is very lacking in ours, and is frowned upon. Who cares if you "sell out" and make lots of money? Who cares if you have singing and if your sound has been done before? If you are having fun, and having a good time, it is more important. It is what this scene was, and should be, about. One man's trash is another's treasure.
  19. Thanks but seeing as I'm new to this style I thought that by giving examples of what I like would lead to me receiving more specific example instead of having to trawl through samples of everyone's top 5. I found my topic her much more useful and now have a list of cd's I plan to buy next week.
  20. Next week I"ll get: Various Artists - Diversity CD - Prestige Music Various Artists - Progressive Movement Vol.2 CD - Blue Tunes Various Artists - Drums And Roses CD - Blue Tunes Various Artists - Electro Inside Vol.2 CD - Blue Tunes Various Artists - Extrasensory Perception CD - Mikrokosmos Various Artists - Five Tons Of Flax CD - Mechanical Dragon Various Artists - Kinky Beats CD - Echo Various Artists - Riding Out CD - Future Lovers Various Artists - Singular : One 2xCD - Critical Rhythm Various Artists - Singular : Three 2xCD - Critical Rhythm Various Artists - Stereo Slave CD - Echo Various Artists - The Sogfiles MMVI Prsents Brisker & Magitman CD - Sog Various Artists - The Sogfiles MMVIII CD - Sog should keep me happy with my new cdj's for a while :posford:
  21. Thanks my friend I'll grab all those next pay, and I think the pay after that I'll get most of the rest of the Iboga albums because they are very nice quality and I have enjoyed listening to all the SET seris my friend loaned me (which I plan to buy as well). Do you think the Critical Rhythm Singular series is worth buying? and I also enjoyed this one my friend gave me http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/yse/yse2cd126.html but am struggling to find many release by the artists to buy online?
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