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  1. Hey, and I thought I was alone in relating certain music with colors. And it happens quite often too, for example, Vibrasphere - San Pedro is brown, and Vibrasphere - Fuzzy Vibes purple. For some reason it's strongest with Afgin - From the Heart, just remembering that tune immediately immerses me in green. I agree though, the best songs are purple I've never done drugs, so I guess it can happen to anyone.
  2. So I finally got around to listening to En Voice. Both albums, Inclination for Composure and Hall of Dreams are absolutely stunning! What an amazing listen. I especially love how much instrumental music is in it. I'm starving for more, but those are the only albums they've come out with so far . Anybody like them? What can you recommend along the same vein?
  3. Skulptor - Natural is pretty sweet. I love the use of guitar and other instruments in it Anything else like it?
  4. Yes, I'm still here! Thanks for all your continued help everyone! I haven't listened to Aes Dana yet, but I'll give it a try asap! Haha yeah, trippy stuff is still good, for example I found this amazing album Good Trip by Mushroom Lab, reaaalllly trippy but still pretty sweet. Anybody else listen to this and know anything else like them? Sigh. I suppose you're right. It seems like most the psy stuff yall like isn't what I like. Especially Goa, most Goa I can't stand, for example I tried the Old Is Gold compilations 1-3, I really didn't like them. Although I really like Afgin's track From the Heart from Opus Iridium, that is one amazing song Well, it's not like loud and fast is all I like, although it is the majority. For example, I really love Solar Fields - Extended, and that is by far the slowest music I've ever heard (some parts don't even have a beat!). Oh and I did listen to CBL - World of Sleepers again, and this time I love it! I'd love to hear more like them. But I'll also try the other stuff you suggest, thanks a lot!
  5. Quick question: does anybody know of any tracks/artists like Asura's Golgotha track in LifeĀ²? It's such a great n epic track, I love it! Would be really cool to find more stuff like it.
  6. Hey everyone, back again. This past month has been pretty hectic but I've still managed to get some music listening done. I've taken a look at everybody's suggestions here + a lot of popular stuff that everybody here seems to like too. I found a lot of good stuff, but unfortunately I just can't seem to find any artists I like nearly as much as Vibrasphere . This is what I've listened to so far and what I rate them compared to good ol Vibrasphere: Jaia- Fiction - 8 This was a good album. Very melodic and smooth, my only complaint is that it was too loungy (like those Cafe Del Mar compilations my bro listens to). Fave track was definitely Orchestra 2.0 (which is odd, considering people here think that was the worst track.) Freaked Frequency - Ff Syndrome - 9 Absolutely amazing. Definitely one of the best albums I've heard in a long time. I've already listened to it many many times. However, it seemed to be, not sure how to describe this, too disorganized. The beats within the track aren't fluid enough, for example the "Say" track goes everywhere and from one melody to the next without any pause. Whatever. Probably just cause they're pretty new. Can't wait for more from them! Shpongle - Are you Shpongled? - 6 I came into this expecting the best thing since sliced bread... How disappointing. Waaayyy too ambient and repetitive for my tastes. Only good track was the last one. I guess it's just not my cup of tea, maybe I just need to be stoned to actually enjoy it but I don't go there Solar Fields - Blue Moon Station & Leaving Home - 6 Too ambient, no melodies or tunes, was just a bunch of noise for me. I listened to these two before Earthshine and was pretty let down considering how awesome their remix of Vibrasphere's "Baltic Resonance" in "Archipelago Remixed" was. However, Solar Fields- Earthshine - 9.5 Was very good. Reminded me very much of Vibrasphere. Beautiful album. Please find me more like this! Human Blue - Base Basket Buffet - 7 Was alright. Nothing special, not too bad. Fave track: "Lone Ranger" Eat Static - Abduction & De-Classified - 7 A little bit too trippy, but still good. VA & John 00 Fleming - Psy-Trance Euphoria - 7.5 Most of this is pretty good, almost borderline trance/dance. Fun to listen to. Joey Fehrenbach - Mellowdrama - 8.5 Whoa. I'm surprised no one has ever talked about this here on these forums before. This guy put out one hell of an ambient album. Some say it's too cheesy, but I don't find it that way. Has anybody else listened to this? What do you think? Some really beautiful melodic ambient. Access to Araska - Metax - 5 I was trying to broaden my mind and try out this album that was under this "Intelligent Dance Music" sub-genre (never heard of it before lol). IMO, not very intelligent. Metax was Greek to me. Just a bunch of noise. Darshan - Awakening - 5 IMO, ugly and repetitive and never going anywhere. Entheogenic - Flight of the Urubus - 7.5 This was pretty good. It got too loungish for me after a while though. Younger Brother - A flock of bleeps - 6.5 Too many bleeps. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden, The Path, & World of Sleepers - 8 Ambient, but good. WoS was definitely best. Asura - Lost Eden - 6.5 Listened to this once a long time ago, all I remember was it wasn't much. Average. Asura - Life Squared - 8 Epic and good. VA - Opus Iridium - 7 Was alright, but too repetitive and boring. Indoor - Progressive Trance - 7 Was alright, but too repetitive and boring. Cosmosis - Trancendance - 6 Maybe I don't like this just because it's almost the same as their later "Psychedelica Melodica," except not as good. Yeah that's seems about right. That's basically all the electronic music I've listened to in the past month. I hope I'm ticking anyone off because I gave their favorite album a bad rating (looking at you Shpongle fans ). I'm beginning to think I'm just in the wrong genre of music, most of the stuff you guys rave about is stuff I don't like . So, given what I've just posted, can yall recommend me any more stuff that I might like? I'm going to try to get the time to listen to the rest everyone's suggested, but I figured this post might narrow things down more. G'night and thanks for your help!
  7. What is forest music? Can you give some samples?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions oopie! Anders Ilar's music on last.fm is pretty good, although a bit too minimalist for me. Would be nice for schoolwork and reading though. I don't know if this will help, but here's my last.fm profile so you guys can get an idea about other things I listen to. http://www.last.fm/user/Krez99/
  9. Whoa, forgive me if I feel a bit overwhelmed Too much music and too little time to listen! I'm not sure, I think my bro gave me their whole discography, all I did was shuffle and listen to random stuff. It's not all bad, I like the deeply disturbed song (especially the guitar parts). I don't know, I'll have to give them more time. I also re-looked into CBL and their World of Sleepers album, pretty good! I guess I was wrong about them earlier, it's funny how your taste can change after just a little while. Anyways, thanks a ton for all the suggestions, I guess I have a lot to listen to
  10. Hey all! Like the title says, I'm pretty new to the whole psychedelic trance genre; I just started really liking it a few months ago. I used to listen to a lot of junk electronic stuff like techno and hardstyle, but my older brother changed that when he introduced me to psy-trance. He gave me a lot of his collection, but the only artist that really stood out for me was Vibrasphere. There's something about them, their music is just so amazing and beautiful; I just can't stop listening to them. But before I listen to them too much and get bored, I'd like to expand my horizons and branch out into other good artists of their ilk. Is there anybody like them? My problem is that I don't know the specific psytrance terms (being unfamiliar and all), so it's hard to describe exactly what I want. In particular, my favorite Vibrasphere songs are the heavily instrumental ones (especially ones with acoustic guitar or piano), songs like: Tierra Azul, Manzanilla, Mountain Lake, etc. That's not to say that the rest is bad, because I've yet to come across a bad Vibrasphere track, but those are definitely my favorite. I've also tried some other stuff, like Infected Mushroom, Shpongle, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Antix, but none of them really appeal to me. I've gone through the reviews section of these forums and tried to find something I like. I didn't like Golden Vibes II and III, but I tried Cosmosis - Psychedelica Melodica and really liked it. I think what I'm looking for, and something I really like about Vibrasphere, is depth, variety, and melody. I've found that, at least for me, too many psy-trance artists are too shallow and lack a true melody or rhythm, basically, are too boring. Thanks for taking your time to help me, I really appreciate it! -Krez
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