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  1. Yep. And still didn't have a review on here! I agree as well, contrary to the previous poster, I enjoyed this album alot.
  2. Psycraft - New Moves (HOM-Mega 2004) 01. Nothing But Music 02. Angels 03. Extreme Moments 04. New Move 05. Memory Flash 06. Beat Craft 07. Electric Charge 08. The Secret Of Sound 09. Bizarre Remake 10. Outro: The Final Move 01. Nothing But Music A great opener. A killer quitar line (played by Alon himself) begins the track perfectly. A very seducing female voice, and then BAM! Bass hits. This track is powerful yet intricate. The guitar throughout adds a romantic touch. Killer opener. 02. Angels This track starts with a blend of disturbing news headlines, giving you the sense of wickedness this track is going to bring. A non-cluttered bassline holds down a throughly fuct track. 03. Extreme Moments Funky yet stompable. The perfect way to describe this track. A funkadelic side to this track makes it a perfect dance track. 04. New Move Probably my favorite track on the album. A very eerie female voice leads you into a very spacy sounding tic toc. Utilizing heavy guitar rifs, it is a somewhat ballsy track that is yet pretty. Almost a cross between Johann Bley and Doof. 05. Memory Flash Imagine yourself sitting on a beach, staring into the sunset, enjoying your favorite drink and relaxing when you are interupted by the site of a meteor crashing into ocean in front of you. A very gentle calming ambience opens this track which hits hard into a strong bassline. This track is somewhat monatanous but still danceable. 06. Beat Craft A very mechanical track. Almost like...machine trance. A haunting aroma and fun bassline give this track a headbobbing mentality. 07. Electric Charge This track is almost a continuation of 'Beat Craft'. Bassline is similar and so is track structure. Not too much different. 08. The Secret Of Sound A hearty track. Full of melody and rhythm yet quite powerful and moving. A good dance track., 09. Bizarre Remake Once again, Alon adds his touch of guitar which add a nice element of 'prettiness' to the track. This track is quite stimulating. The variation of tone in the bassline keeps it interesting. 10. Outro: The Final Move My Rating: 9/10 An overall hearty, strong, floor stomping album that adds a touch of intricacy.
  3. psytrance is made by people who have never been to goa
  4. My collection is broken up into Goa and then Trance/Ambient & Chill. I know my music collection and that is all that is important.
  5. Mi Loony Um. For some reason I have had it in my head for the past few hours. It is just intense.
  6. I would have to agree. Although I never liked his house projects, both this album and artifakts are premeir minimal chill albums. Very nice.
  7. Fantastic. I need to start buying some albums. I have been on a dry spell for awhile now, and it is good to see Dragonfly releasing good material.
  8. Feel free to use any of them.
  9. For sure. An example. I have a buddy of mine that produces/dj's. He is always recreating what genres, one day is producing progressive melodic morning trance and the next is minimal dark ambient house. It's ridiculous Same here. I will describe the music in depth, but I won't organize my collection into 25 sub genres of trance
  10. Is anyone with me that thinks there are FAR too many genres of trance nowadays? I just saw a topic "dark intelligent psytrance". What the hell? It is becoming ridiculous. What about the days when goa was stadium house? I understand that everything doesn't sound the same, but for there to be sub genres of sub genres is becoming a bit ridiculous. I can't even review an album without being chastised because 'it's not melodic goa' its 'minimal progressive funky breaks with a hint of melody'. Anyone with me?
  11. Mac > PC Linux > Windows (not so much for audio, video tho) I have just used too much other stuff to even consider Windows an option anymore
  12. Entrance is a REAL nice production.
  13. Backroom Beats, Vol. 1 & 2. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/brb/brb1cd004.html http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/brb/brb1cd004.html The Eclipse Project (compilations)
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