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  1. This album is one big Peak imo. You take all the best stuff and you make one Big HAPPY cd. This album really makes me smile day after day. If you put it on it's always like a big party where ever you are and you are tempted to put the volume way up to give you that happy party feel. If everybody had this music you wouldn't see so many boring or unhappy people... I place this album next to the great ones like hallucinogen, pleiadians and so. Maybe he didn't have that much structures but does this album need it???????? I actually love it more then IFO because this really gets me moving round and round. Anyway , maybe nexttime a few songs with more story for the critics but just keep making this insane stuff. Because I'm tempted to keep playing the same 5 albums over and over because I don't find stuff that comes near... *Jumping and flying around the world* Greetz and keep it up, cya in Belgium
  2. This cd is real psychadelic, melodic madness. Very good record with lots of spins and very nice overall melodies that keep you floating in hyperspace. It's the kind of music that I've always wanted to hear. It belongs next to the big ones like hallucinogen, pleiadians, astral... It's a real work of art. Can't say I like this song or that song most because the cd has an overall excellent sound that 'll make you freak on the dancefloor or sends you to far far away galaxies when you're listing to it at home. Definatly the best release Of 2004 and it's in my top 3 albums of all time. greetings sam
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