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  1. I just listened, its dreamy Awesome Job! Keep Pumping them out Cheerz
  2. ooooooooo me like already and its not even a minute into the track yet Merrow is the shit. I hope he'll release another tweaked album
  3. do you have a myspace or a facebook account perhaps?
  4. oooo this sounds a bit familiar but i am not sure where i have heard it if i ever have till now LOL nice job Afgin as always you inspire me so much Bo0M! :clapping:
  5. yes i had a small name change but i am working on it
  6. new track i was playing around with in Acid Xpress 7, midi and a few audio samples : http://www.mediafire.com/?rttmdw2trdm hope you enjoy! criticism welcome with any feedback thank you Bo0M!
  7. keep it up, your doing great! :posford: :posford: :posford:
  8. Awesome job! thank you for posting this to us :clapping:
  9. you got some nice lite simple beats going there, sounds good and clean. i must try to take a change in my writings at a cleaner level as such. i alway tried to load up too much and now its usually too little..... i shall keep checking back on your mysapce as muchas possible. thanks for sharing these i like that Cumulus Congestous track there too. Cheerz :clapping:
  10. i like much of your tunes and i am gonna like this. thank you :clapping:
  11. hey you know, if you were smart you could transpose these midi notes and use them for more than basslines, just a thought
  12. You Have Great Talent And Inspiration That Strikes Much More Often, Use It And Enjoy It! BoOM! :posford:
  13. Ah Yes Its A Good Track And Album, Hope There Will Be More Like Them Soon with their new work
  14. This Link Is Faulted Now, Just To Let You Know...
  15. :posford: :clapping: WOW!!! Cool Track Atom303, I Like Much Of It And I Hope You Do Well < Perhaps Even Be Part Of Suntrip... Awesome Job! Keep Making The Dancefloor Move PLUR Bo0M!!!!! cheerz
  16. What About Her? : http://www.hommega.com/images//Dali-ad2.jpg I Would....
  17. :posford: WOW, i like this one, i must check out some more of your tunes. Keep It Flowing
  18. :posford: hmm interesting composition, Korg Electribes have quite a cool sound to them for psytrance i have found, short as it is, its not the worst trance tune, its definatly bouncy and takes a little trip. Will it be finished in time perhaps?
  19. :clapping: :posford: WOW, this sounds great! I like how it has a sinister feel to the melodies, many do this but i like it, also you are definatly correct on the pumping.....Massive Bo0M! Pretty Basic but effective in my opinion Great Job Best Vibes, Love and Light Keep That Vibe Flowing
  20. No Problems Guys, Have Fun! :posford: BooBo0M! xDDD
  21. BTW "Drops" ain't too bad either, you got the talent 4 sure mate flaunt it if you got it and you got it!!!!!!
  22. Hey Mate, How Are Ya! Welcome Welcome I Am Listening To Sunrise, Your First Track In The List, Instantly You Got Me Moving..... bump bump bump bu bump zik zak hehehe any how you have a lot of saw waves in it and i like this. It sounds great indeed, much better than many of my compositions, i say way to go and keep doing what your doing, your bound to get up there. :posford: Peace Bro Bo0M! PLUR Love and Light Cheerz
  23. You Do Such Beautiful Work Elad, I Hope You Will Find Inspiration To Keep It Going For All Of Time BooM! Love And Light Sent To Ya'll
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