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    trance that is psychedelic, downtempo that is psychedelic, dancefloor experiences that are actually ecstatic, ecstatic experiences that are actually rituals
  1. goodbye facebook, hello again psynews <3

  2. https://soundcloud.c...dscare/manipura Much love and respect. Thank you! Sean/DJ Redscare
  3. ERROR: The title of this set is Destination Polaris, not Destination Procyon. Sorry.
  4. yep! good stuff. thanks for the link. I didn't know it was associated with Shiva Shidapu... you learn something every day.
  5. http://soundcloud.com/dj_redscare/destination-polaris tracklist is here: http://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000022743536-mfshiy-original.jpg?4606e00 Enjoy! Sean/Redscare
  6. move begins today. lots of stuff to do!

  7. yeah i know how it is... music production is an endeavour with a very low time-invested to production-yield ratio ... thanks again for the great dark trance!
  8. listening to anoebis - warming freeze YET AGAIN... *sigh* ;)

  9. more frequently, house parties where i slip in as much goa as i possibly can get away with. the prevalence of weed doesn't hurt, and it makes the kids more pliable to weirder music. you'd be surprised. i had a kid ask me alllll about who this track was (it was koxbox - insect and insect bite) and he went home and basically discovered goa on wikipedia. sometimes small is beautiful
  10. i just played "altered state" at a club about a month ago... everyone ran to the dance floor... sick tune!
  11. boxing up the house... we're moving this weekend...

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