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    trance that is psychedelic, downtempo that is psychedelic, dancefloor experiences that are actually ecstatic, ecstatic experiences that are actually rituals

About Me

I came up in Texas, the Netherlands, and California in the late 80s and early 90s. I am a teacher, a translator, a traveller, and a DJ.

Musically I tend to inhabit territory between Goa trance, forest psy, and darkpsy, but the harder, more textured edge of newschool Goa is my 'home' sound. I mix different subgenres of psychedelic trance together following an inner will, a spark of curiosity, that yearns to hear them together. I feel best understood as an eclectic, commingling old and new Goa's more complex and intense terrain with newer developments in forest and darkpsy. An occasional twinkling, glistering rainbow will break bold through the gloam and show you the way ... until you find yourself but deeper, deeper, deeper in this vast forest, in this wildness, in this inky, lovely world.

I am honoured to be an underground trance-dance DJ working consciously and without apology in the Goa tradition. The ray of light cast by the Goa scene and the sound and vibration of that community and phaenomenon have fed the hardy seeds within which has waited the better world that is still possible. It has never been more important to be a lovemonger than now, and never has a place in the cosmos shrieked out so for compassion and mercy as does this alpha quadrant, on this particular date, among these particular stars, here and now.

Laugh, dance, hug each other, and give away half your munchies to new friends. Share freaking organic oatmeal with a lonely person who seems isolated. Drop plump blueberries into that oatmeal and bounce to the music while seated with your new friend, sharing the sustenance. Get out of the VIP space and MEET OTHER HUMANS and love them as deeply as you are able. Each and every one of us is very, very important.

Love. Dance. Chuckle at things, and let the music possess and direct your body. Because, holy shit, that music.

I know. I feel it too! It's why I love our scene. It's why I do this.

That music.

This music. Here, now, together, in this state, under these conditions, with all of you.

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