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  1. goodbye facebook, hello again psynews <3

  2. https://soundcloud.c...dscare/manipura Much love and respect. Thank you! Sean/DJ Redscare
  3. ERROR: The title of this set is Destination Polaris, not Destination Procyon. Sorry.
  4. yep! good stuff. thanks for the link. I didn't know it was associated with Shiva Shidapu... you learn something every day.
  5. http://soundcloud.com/dj_redscare/destination-polaris tracklist is here: http://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000022743536-mfshiy-original.jpg?4606e00 Enjoy! Sean/Redscare
  6. move begins today. lots of stuff to do!

  7. yeah i know how it is... music production is an endeavour with a very low time-invested to production-yield ratio ... thanks again for the great dark trance!
  8. listening to anoebis - warming freeze YET AGAIN... *sigh* ;)

  9. more frequently, house parties where i slip in as much goa as i possibly can get away with. the prevalence of weed doesn't hurt, and it makes the kids more pliable to weirder music. you'd be surprised. i had a kid ask me alllll about who this track was (it was koxbox - insect and insect bite) and he went home and basically discovered goa on wikipedia. sometimes small is beautiful
  10. i just played "altered state" at a club about a month ago... everyone ran to the dance floor... sick tune!
  11. boxing up the house... we're moving this weekend...

  12. astral way is one of my all time favourites! thank you so much for posting it
  13. here are some of mine trinodia - unknown space electric universe - the prayer juno reactor - jardin de cecile --> der dritte raum - trommelmaschine blue planet corporation - overbloody flood ott's remix of hallucinogen - angelic particles 8D
  14. you know, there was a book i read back in the day, maybe you've read it, _generation ecstasy_ by simon reynolds... not a lot about goa or psy in it, but his thesis is, in part, that a. as the drugs and their associated experiences became more commodified, rave culture was altered in unanticipated ways, as e gave way to speed, weed and LSD, and then coke and alcohol, thereby finally arriving at a more "club" oriented experience, as opposed to a countercultural movement like spiral tribe or goa, b. the scene and the music are a chicken and egg sort of dialectic, each influencing and b
  15. AFGIN -- i want you to know that i really really disagree with you about the psy vs. the eurotrance scenes... there are easily as many unscrupulous, in-it-for-the-money, alcoholic douchebags in the eurotrance scene as there are "permafried" acidheads and potheads who make everyone's life hard in the psytrance scene. my experience is that there will be different bad characters, and different good ones, in each scene. what goa and psy bring is the UNDERGROUND vibe that even eurotrance had in the early 90s, when i lived in holland, but that can pretty much only be found in the druggier, more ov
  16. looking forward to hearing this, guys! thanks for the review! i play "ancient race" a lot... nothing like true 604!
  17. Is there ANYONE in here from the IC/Coralville/Cedar Rapids area? I am moving up to Iowa City this August and I play Goa and Psy... hoping to find the scene up there, as I simply can't live without parties to look forward to... I'll be living in downtown IC. Let's party this fall! redscare. (from houston, tx)
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