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  1. lol, i completely give up on this genre. anyone who thinks hype has anything to do with this hasn't been out of highschool long enough. this album is a masterpiece, psytrance is a fucking joke of a genre. if you don't like this have fun listening to your boom boom boom boom, paint by number bullshit music. later its been fun but i just cant stand anything about this genre anymore
  2. nexus, what are you listening to that is so much better than this that it has no depth? outside of venetian snares i'm pretty sick of every genre of electronic music, just derivative shit over and over. I think skinny puppy's last album is better than this but thats a much different emotional feel. Outside of that there is not much original sounding electronic music being made like this.
  3. I couldn't personally give a shit about sound quality. To me thats what artist hide behind in this scene who really have no musical ability and shouldn't even be making music in the first place. Velvet Underground or shit, virtually any rock music is a good contrast. I've never heard someone recommend me a band or review a rock album with "well this music sucks, the songs are terrible, it all sounds exactly the same as a million other bands but WOW the production is so good it makes up for that".
  4. I think its a masterpiece and have hated everything posford has done since shpongle 1. A mixed reaction is to be expected though since its pretty much stripped of having much to do with psytrance besides for i'm a freak. I almost wish they had done 2 disks now, one with more vocal tracks and one with all instrumentals.
  5. Try listening to Music for 18 Musicians while your trying to fall asleep with headphones on. Its an amazing composition, very hypnotic. Its not the kind of music you put on when your friends are over and having some drinks but in the right context its incredible. i think his tape music sucks though too.
  6. yea sick bass on my studio monitors. i love that simon brought back that slideing dark shpongle 1 bass. this album pretty much kills off psytrance to me. to even compare this to anything released this year is a fucking joke.
  7. this is a whole level of complexity beyond shpongle. Listen to the layers of melodies on Your Friends Are Scary,thats fucking ridiculous.
  8. no words they should have called this "the real shpongle 2 album" the only filler is sleepwalker pt 2, every other track is un fucking real.
  9. listening to happy pills for the first time. this fucking owns. not sure alot of psy people are going to like this album, too much creativity.
  10. woooo, fuck this. i'm not waiting. thank god for torrents. 20 minutes to go:)
  11. The difference now though is back in the day he didnt seem to have so much of the "guru" feel to him. It was more he was cool because with his position he could get tons of unreleased stuff when "unreleased" was a big deal. At this point though its not about his music, the music he plays is utter shit while back in the day he did play the absolute best psy released or not. People go to see him now for this little cult of personality he has going, thats what I assume the thread starter is talking about with people getting defensive if you say he blows.
  12. Agree, no clue what the thread starter is talking about. Fake live acts are the most important thing in psytrance. Compared to other electronic genres there is virtually no big psy djs.
  13. its not just the music he plays its his whole "cyber saddhu" thing that i just think is really cheesy at this point. I think that was cool when psytrance was goa, it fit. Now its just stupid. "old hippy fake holy man playing quasi gabber psytrance, praise shiva".
  14. I use to love his top 10s from 2002 on back, totally in sync with my taste. To me at this point though the stuff he plays is just fucking stupid. I wouldn't even go see him if he came around. I think his whole image is kind of laughable at this point and very very cheesey.
  15. how about a genre of psy made by professional musicians with real music talent and not kids in their moms basement ripping eachother off with pirated software. i can't even imagine what that would sound like anymore
  16. naa, i dont think it sounds like Maynard at all. Almost reminds me of radiohead doing pink floyd style harmonies. they have more samples of psychic gibbon and happy pills on myspace... www.myspace.com/youngerbrothertwisted psychic gibbon fucking destroys. i'm hoping thats a really long track. to me from the samples it kind of has the feel of shpongle 1, mixed with shoegazer/idm, mixed with pinkfloyd/radiohead. havent been this excited for an album in years.
  17. I keep listening to this over and over. I suspect Simon has done the impossible and destroyed Shpongle 1. That song sounds not so good from the previews but that kills even Tool, just that one song. I can't even imagine the last song, that preview is amazing. "To top all this off, Psychic Gibbon is as damn near to a perfect piece of music I’ve ever heard. The guitar line may be all Robert Smith, and the chord changes may once again be those big, emotive steps mentioned above, but by christ is this a goodun. The production is squarely aimed a good few feet above your head, the movement is organic and the overall vibe seems to sum up life, death, rebirth and everything in between. It actually is that good."
  18. wow the samples on the twisted site sound just amazing. i disagree this is more mainstream, to me this is more like the first shpongle album with Simon deciding to make up his own genre, this is just fucked up stuff. im so glad to hear simon break away from dance music, i think its been pretty clear he has been bored with dance music for years now.
  19. ahh you bastards, i would have loved to been there. i can't watch that without getting a huge smile on my face. especially that track, it was like such a transition from the old school to modern sounds.
  20. hate to say it but I agree. All his stuff is "bouncey" now. Before the first shpongle album all his stuff was like reaching for more and more, would take you buy the head and drive you forward. Now he just phones it in to make money. He is still the lord of sound design but his stuff is a fucking joke. He has basically said something like this himself, that before "and day turned to night" he was always trying to go more and more beyond but that was the one track he was actually happy with. I don't blame him, I mean that track is inhuman. I think he lost his creative spirit after he pulled hat one from the void just because thats impossible to go beyond. Everyone else mentioned probly just lacks talent to do much more.
  21. someone posted this on isra, i almost think trying to make a point that "the dj only touched the eq once." this is the best fucking video ever, Max is just going ape shit. I forgot how much i totally love this track http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=x39bkXxHYv4
  22. yea, thats as logical as the douchebag rock guitar player who thinks electronic music isn't music because your not really playing an instrument. software doesnt fucking mix the tracks for you. big deal to anyone who spent years learning to beat match. guess what, you dont fucking have to. so why not do something creative with new technology instead of bitching about like an old lady.
  23. If you have been around long enough this is the exact same stupid arguement that went on when we were transitioning from vinyl to cd. "cds sound cold, sterile, the auidence can tell the difference, i would never spin cds" "real djs only spin vinyl" in 5-10 years no one will spin cds anymore, just like most people don't use hardware synths to make this music anymore. its pretty damn obvious
  24. to me it sounds like you have the same problems as any old house party. i mean if there are neighbors close i don't see how you are going to get away with the volume levels. You have nothing to worry about legally as the dj, it will all be on the owner.
  25. Well it really depends with reaktor. I learned synthesis on it but i had also been trying to learn csound for awhile. Reaktor is not hard if you read up on actual different synthesis types first. You will have a much deeper knowledge then too. check out the isratrance forums, i have a bunch of my synths posted in the reaktor thread thats on the first page right now. Its not that cpu intensive unless you have an older machine.
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