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  1. Please do not tell that you are referring to the snorkelling kid?
  2. Are we discussing the the same cover? Get wet go?
  3. It is an Iboga release, 2007 (i.e. post 2004) Nevertheless, if you want me to be more specific, try out Destinations (Iono) and Cafu - Wake Up (Pluquam)!
  4. Oh almost forgot! Flow Records, their Globalize 2 is really good...
  5. Well Iboga and Candyflip are rather obvious. Try out Plusquam and Iono, they have got some pretty good recent releases in my opinion...
  6. What are your experiences with these two outlets?
  7. Get Wet Go - Shivlink Records ???
  8. WOW, first listen today... So so good!!!
  9. Good to know they did not know. I have always liked Kagdila for their diverse releases. I think that they are one of the better labels out there...
  10. That is totally fucked up (excuse my French)!!! Takes away the novelty from owning the CD...
  11. Cheers mate! Hey on another related note, do you buy stuff from audiolines in Chicago? Are they any good?
  12. Lookinf forward to it! One can always hope that it will be old-school, but I doubt it...
  13. If you guys are keen, we could collaborate on a review? Or just do our separate ones simultaneously... Three perspectives would be cool. We need more of that here on psynews...
  14. I would say solid, but I get the hint... I will download some samples later today!
  15. Vibrasphere - Exploring the Tributaries, a contender, but perhaps not winner...?
  16. It would be cool if you could include small comments/quotes from both old and nu school goa trance artitists that correspond to the headings/themes of the booklet. Or just general comment/quotes regarding their views of the scence? What inspired them, what continues to inspire them? Yeah, something more personal and meaningful from the artists would be cool!
  17. Me can do that when I get some time... On a quick note, it is oretty damn good! Indian fusion...
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