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  1. Hello all, I guess when an artist makes a personal decision for the good of him/herself, some people find it hard to digest. My reason for wanting to discontinue playing live was due to some very undesirable accusations and attitudes from U.S. promoters that I experienced last season. I found the different levels of disrespect to be enough to not want to experience these types of un-necessary situations anymore. But then I started receiving emails from friends and listeners asking me to please continue and this helped me realize that I can't forsake those that really want to experience my music at outdoor events just because I've been down trodden by some evil doers. My reasons for thinking I would discontinue creating music under the Androcell project was due to that fact that I'm currently working on a seperate downtempo project that I've devoted all my music time to. It's music that I'm currently interested in writing and mentally travelling with and didn't know when I would get back to the Androcell project. I'm sorry if I worried anyone here. It's kind of a bummer that people just can't write me and ask what's happening if they are that concerned. Instead many just keep themselves mostly in the dark with a small reading lamp on called speculation. It didn't seem necessary to post such personal information on my website, but when I see threads like this, I guess it's time to set the record truly straight. I'm kinda curious to know what was *possibly* edited from here: ___________________________________________________ .::::Lauryn $#^&%$&^$@!! says: you know what my feeling is on that ? bluespectralmonkey says: well, ms. i quit trance 5 times in a year, what do you think? wink.gif *****seems like there is a line missing right here. bluespectralmonkey says: hehehe _____________________________________________________ I would really like to know what your feeling is on all this, Lauryn, since the post you made never really made it clear, possibly becuase you edited it by chance? Peace and respect, Quasga
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