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  1. Artist: Distant System Album: Spiral Empire Label: Celestial Dragon Catalog: CDREC-12 Format: CD Digipak Release Date: February 2008 (p) + © 2007 Celestial Dragon Records. All rights reserved. Mastering: Huby Sea and Vincent Villuis @ Ultimae Artwork: http://www.quasga.info Distant System is a divergent, ambient / downtempo music side-project that began in 2006, constructed by electronic producer, Tyler Smith (a.k.a. Androcell). This debut audio expansion is designed and sequenced for cerebral migrations and explorative atmospheres. Spiral Empire is an aural navigation through distant environments and deep space phenomena. Tracklisting: 1. Astropolis 2. Equidistant 3. Light Echoes 4. Gravitational Vortices 5. H.U.V.A. Network - Time Circles (Distant System remix) 6. Outer Rim 7. Cloud Nebula 8. Astromech Starport 4 minutes samples available: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7054 http://www.distantsystem.com
  2. I hope it will be out in early 2008... I'm not sure when Celestial Dragon has it scheduled for release... it's being manufactured now so will post more info when I find out.
  3. Hey Nurbs, thanks. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=49344
  4. http://www.sonic-dragon.com/?load=/celestial_dragon.htm And there you have it.
  5. Thanks damon. I think you're the only one who thinks so, but so glad your enjoying it. It's surely to become buried under the sands of time soon enough.
  6. No mistake on Sonic Dragon's part... lack of information is my fault.... just haven't got around to updating the website yet. I designed and maintain the Sonic Dragon website. This Indigo Egg release came about because Pete Pan and I (Quasga) thought it would be good for Matt to expose tracks that have been secretly available online for years from the virtual website in 320kbps or less MP3 format. Fortunately, Celestial Dragon was kind enough to put it out. It's all really chilled, relaxing music, and I'm glad it's findly taken shape in the form of a high-quality CD release. But really, all you'll end up seeing at www.sonic-dragon.com when updated is what is on the flyer. I put that flyer postcard together. I also need to get my Distant System album "Spiral Empire" CDREC-12 up there as well. Did you get one of those promo postcards, as well, by chance? Abasio, if I could make a small request - if you kindly cite me in the future, could you please list the URL as www.quasga.info ? I'd really apprecaite it and thank you for bringing any exposure my way. Thanks!! Peace, Quasga
  7. Androcell Furthur Unfolding EP Catalog: Self-released Format: Digital Download (uncompressed .wav) Release Date: December 2007 Distributed by http://www.androcell.com (p) + © 2006 Androcell. All rights reserved. Mastering by Androcell Artwork by Quasga Release Notes: Androcell has imparted chillers around the world with two beautiful tracks featuring his ethno-organic psychedelic dub sound. These two tracks were crafted after the time he created Efflorescence (released on Celestial Dragon Records) and are all that remains from his previous musical iteration before molting into Distant System. This EP is now available for paid digital download in uncompressed .WAV format exclusively through me for US$5.00 Anyone interested please contact me for more details directly via email >> info(at)androcell.com More info: http://www.androcell.com/androcell_discog.htm
  8. haha, please show me where I said I "practiced to sound like Shpongle or Ott"?? I believe I stated how I was influenced by some of their production tricks and taught myself how to do some of them myself. This was in order to learn how to do these tricks so I could do it in my own way, grow from the learning process, and find new ways to take it beyond. The true fans here understand that I have a sound that stands as my own because they've listened to it enough to know I have the talent to express my own emotions while being influenced by production sorcery from many different "artists". I just keep learning by listening and experimenting. I don't claim to be a music "artist". I'm an electronic music producer, and the more I know and learn from, the happier I am. :drama:
  9. Hey all, I have a new ambient-trance project debut album coming out on Celestial Dragon in early 2008, for those interested. Distant System Spiral Empire Catalog: CDREC-12 Format: CD Digipak Release Date: TBA (p) + © 2007 Celestial Dragon Records. All rights reserved. Mastering: Huby Sea and Vincent Villuis @ Ultimae Artwork by Quasga This debut audio expansion is designed and sequenced for cerebral migrations and explorative atmospheres. Spiral Empire is an aural navigation through distant environments and deep space phenomena. More info and MP3 teasers: http://www.distantsystem.com
  10. I'm really looking forward to this release along with all of you Manufacturing delay was a bit of a bummer, but at least we know our orders are for sure coming. This one might sell out fast.
  11. http://www.androcell.com/gallery/quasga-album-covers But then again, taste is so subjective.
  12. Most of my work as Androcell was to see if I could re-produce many of the techniques that have excited or piqued my curiousity from other producers of the past. It's really all been a learning experience to gain the insight in how these things are done. Ever set a flanger FX knobs to extreme settings? If so, then you've created a "shpongle" like sound effect. Ever put an panning delay on a time-streched sound source? If so, you've created a "shpongle" sound. Ever used an ultra fat bassline and a over-delayed dub-skank in electronic music? If so, you've created that "Ott" sound. It's all easy to do and impresses your friends :wank: The thing is, for me, the biggest compliment comes from those who criticize me with phrases like "it sounds like shpongle". Because it reaffirms that my learning process was not in vain and that I am somewhat reaching my goal in understanding how to do these techniques and processes before I can move forward as a better producer. I can't think of better influences than those producers who are revered as "the best". People who think "Androcell is worth the money" are helping support my learning process. You're basically paying to listen to my musical "hacks". I have no professional studio experience, training, or engineering degree. I'm 100% self taught through experimentation. The best part about people comparing me with Shpongle and Ott, is that these guys have had hours beyond hours of professional experience in studios, learning from professional engineers in the industry, and have been doing it a lot longer than I have. But to compare me even slightly with these guys, is a compliment to the extreme. So thanks for your negative feedback, people. It helps me grow more than you will ever know or care. Many missed to point with the "definitions" of Efflorescence. Many thought I was defining it as my "highest potential" when really it's just another stepping stone to reaching maximum control and ability as a music producer. The definitions were really to describe my view of how an album should flow, just a like a good trip, it should build and build and peak then bring you back. I learned many things from that work. I learned a lot of things that I would have done differently from that work. All in all, I put my work on the line for people to judge. It only makes me better for the next time around.
  13. Haha, can't imagine how volatile this thread would be if the samples would have sucked.
  14. http://www.androcell.com/androcell_news.htm
  15. And that is good reason for his actions? Sure he wanted to see how I'd react. That's why people do negative shit in the first place. I'm going to try and get all the laughs and positivity I can out of it. I mean, it already helped me get another purchased download (Thanks, Rotwang!!) so it can only get better.
  16. site: www.androcell.com Login: androupload pass: S3ndMus1c
  17. :posford: Thanks for the buy! Man, I LOVE alchemy!!
  18. Agressive? Dood, you're confused.... you're words are funny. I'm hoping your music is too.. When you come into a thread and drop a line like that, you have to expect a response. I mean, you basically disrespected my music, not becuase you had to, but becuase you wanted to. I can understand someone who doesn't like androcell music to come into a thread and EXPLAIN why they don't like it, but not to just rip it, and then start back-peddling when the pressure is on. Who do you think you are, Traveller? (haha, don't think I haven't paid attention, people ) What am I supposed to learn from someone who doesn't give postivie criticism, but instead is trying to drop some one-liner like a troll. HA! "needing to pick on some random forum-goer" ..... dood, you picked on me and my music to BEGIN with.... what ever are you talking about?? You seriously need to start peddling foward again. Tell you what... I have an private ftp folder I can make for you and I will give you details here....that way everyone else can login and grab and listen, too. Please let me know. My curiosity is piqued.
  19. Hahaha, MSN? Never use chat programs. I'm looking for links. Don't you have a mycrap, I mean, myspace page I can listen from? A website perhaps? C'mon, you're obviously established enough to just drop me some links here to your tunes.... everyone else is eager to listen I'm sure, as well. Let's have a go with some of your masterful work.
  20. People who play nice *and* give support are sooooooo appreciated. Thank you, always, TranceChick. To my understanding, the basis of alchemy is taking the bad and turning it into good. I decided to use one man's insult, as another man's promotion. http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...108892/forum/10 But I must admit, I'm feeling a bit of inspiration from this and it makes me want to write an Ott-sounding tune about TROLLS.
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