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  1. I'm going to play it safe and recommend that you don't waste your time with the new project. It's not designed for you.
  2. Don't you mean Ultimae on a budget?
  3. The fact that you compared me to Ott , at all, is a compliment in itself. I'm truly sorry you had to waste your time listening to my work. If I could reimburse you, I would. Maybe you can email in advance next time and I can give you fair warning not to give music a listen that is inferior to your tastes. I would love to listen to some of your music productions. Please give me links. Maybe if I work hard, I can sound like you on a budget.
  4. Cool, I'll take that as a compliment as well..... Someone else says it has a Solar Fields vibe.... http://tribes.tribe.net/psybient/thread/35...10-70019a4f3107 The truth of it all is that this project is inspired by all of the core Ultimae artists, with my own vision of space. I'm actually in process of remixing "Time Circles" by H.U.V.A. Network for the Distant System debut album. But if I discuss the DS project anymore here, I'm going to need to start a new thread. Trying to keep DS and Androcell as seperate entities. Updated as much as necessary: www.distantsystem.com
  5. It has been awhile... I think the first and only time we've met was at GM2k5 and I generally kept my hair pulled back, but it was more shoulder length back then. http://people.tribe.net/quasga/photos/1b27...f7-6a33ebc78582 It seems to grow incredibly fast and durable. There are people that needed it more than I. But what I'm really curious about is this between you and monkey...... http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?s=...st&p=723546
  6. I grabbed them.... actually have one posted @ tribe http://people.tribe.net/quasga/photos/6885...cf-c0c6a7c4b87e Thanks again so much!! Samadhi was really a great time for me despite the rain that chased some away. Itay (Kukan Dub Lagan), Andy (ProSect), and Matteo (Loopus in Fabula) had me cracking up in some way or another.... great guys... oh and cannot forget Yannis (Jaia) Big respect to Stas and crew for bringing and taking care of us. They went through some serious hell and we still bascially all smiles. Amazing
  7. haha. My real hair, at that length, would nver fro up like that.... waaaay to thick. http://people.tribe.net/quasga/photos/0fad...c3-a56ec51a9fe3 But that was back in Cctober 2006 right before I shaved it off and dontated to wigs for kids (cancer org). A little girl is happily wearing it now, hopefully.
  8. It's not a matter of "want", it's a matter of "can't" I don't like or use any chat software.... SORRY. We can always have e-mail discourse, though. Helps me moderate my time best.... like right now, I should be working on art for labels but taking a break from it to find a laugh or two here (some of you post some hilarious stuff) and get some serotonin flowing. Hope my new avatar generates some smiles and giggles for you all.
  9. It's all good now... not sure what was going on....
  10. hey, hey! alright! somebody did somthing or maybe I'm just a fool Probably the latter!
  11. Yes! and I've refreshed, but cache is not the issue.... sompin hapnin wit da code it seems, yah?
  12. Hmmmmmm...... wasn't sure where to put this but I have a complaint about updating my avatar.... Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I set up my first avatar when I started my account here, and now when I try to upload a new picture from my machine, it displays under my profile as my "current avatar" but my posts are displaying the old image. I even updated with one of the "smiley" avatars, and then tried to upload again, and each time, somehow the code is finding it's way back to the old image... can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or ????
  13. Awww, thanks! It was my pleasure.
  14. I was surprised to see my project in the top 10. All aplogies to those who feel I didn't deserve a place there. Thanks to those who remebered the album this long.
  15. You win some, you lose some. Magnus, himself, enjoys it so I'm happy with that.
  16. It was released this month on Celestial Dragon's latest compilation - Intermittent Memories http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?s=...st&p=708551 MP3 4 minute previews available here: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=6346
  17. Air Song is an incredibly gorgeous track.... I was honored to be able to remix it.
  18. The Insum remix on Ambient Planet Vol. 2 (FLOW Rec) is also very nice.
  19. Nice. What I use myself as primary DAW.... ever since v2.7
  20. *double-post* haha.... trying to get used to this forum system.
  21. Should be available everywhere else this month.
  22. Hey Grrrl, Yeah, it was a real bummer. I just tried to not give them any impression of how unprofessional of conduct I experienced and never plan to play for them ever again. I have nothing personal with the individuals, just need to protect my emotional well being when playing events for people I thought were more conscious and responsible than they proved to be. Oh well, we live and learn in these lives. Thanks for massive support and kind words. Instruments of change. Peace, love, and soundwaves.... Q
  23. Hey Nurbs, The new downtempo project is called Distant System - www.distantsystem.com No "team mate", just me. My old psytrance partner in "Prabhamandala" crime, Jason Major, created a video for a Distant System track called "Equidistant", and is avialable via download and streaming at the website, for either your pleasure or irritation, depending on your personal tastes. I'm working on a full-length album and have 4 tracks completed for it, so far, that will definitely be on it. I'm striving to get it released with Ultimae, but that may just end up being a fantastic dream. Eitherway, it's the music I want to be making at the moment so it feels good to be expressing myself in an even more electronic style, different than Androcell. As for the Androcell project, the new Celestial Dragon Records compilation titled "Intermittent Memories" comes out this month, and features 2 unreleased Androcell tracks. More info @ the androcell website - www.androcell.com and www.sonic-dragon.com I plan to start on new Androcell material as soon as I finish writing the Distant System album. I'm trying to keep the websites as up to date as possible, so even though I've discouraged some of you already, please hang in there if really interested about what's coming from my creative outlets..... Stay true, Q
  24. Hi Tyler!

    Glad to see you're still in the scene... & found your way to us here!!

    Peace & Love to you.

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