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  1. Buy it direct from the artist on CD or digital download uncompressed .wav or 320kbps MP3. All info here: http://androcell.com/androcell_news.htm
  2. Finally out! Please order direct from the artist: http://androcell.com/androcell_news.htm
  3. New Androcell album "Entheomythic" is scheduled for release December 10th. You can get CDs or digital downloads direct from me through the http://www.androcell.com website. Every CD includes an "Entheomythic" promotional sticker inside. For CD preorders or orders please contact me for more information via e-mail >> info (at) androcell (dot) com. Please use "NEW ANDROCELL CD - PREORDER - [and the first 3 digits for your last name] as the subject of the email. Preorders are also being accepted for uncompressed .wav digital download of the new Androcell album "Entheomythic". Send $11 via yellow paypal donation button at http://www.androcell.com and receive your direct download link on December 10th, 2010. Thanks!!
  4. No love? Is it true what "they" are saying? Psychill is dead?
  5. Hey all, I'm back... Updated website, new Androcell album "Entheomythic" info, new album desktop image (download link is upper left hand corner of website), 4 minute sample edits of mastered tracks from the new album @ Androcell soundcloud page, etc, etc..... http://www.androcell.com Or feel free to use the express route and see / listen all in one place: http://forum.isratrance.com/androcell-entheomythic-cdrec-22-celestial-dragon/10-165648/ Also, I have a new Distant System track coming out on Altar Records: MP3 'unmastered' teaser available for listening..... http://www.altar-records.com/ether.html
  6. murphythecat made me truly realize that I've been wasting my time with this style of music. It seems I'm only good for 3-4 minutes at a time which is PERFECT for the hip-hop / pop formula! I've shifted ALL efforts to making pop-rap music now. Thanks, murph, I'll be flossin my bling and sippin Dom Perignon before you know it. Say word, son. Look for me on MTV Cribs, kid.
  7. Hey, nice idea... Eight "3 minute" tracks on the new album will be ideal. Less concentrated work for me, less irritation for you. Everybody wins! :posford:
  8. Have MAMMOTH licensed editions of Epsylon and Implant and ORIGINAL Science of the Gods and Crash and Burn all for sale for USD$10.00 each + shipping via paypal. Discs and art are in great condition Somes cases have minor scuffs but can easily be replaced for perfect additions to collections. Please email me at info(at)androcell(dot)com for inquiry. edit - there is a little corner bendage on one of the corners of the "Science of the Gods" booklet but no crease. Grab all 4 for USD$30.00 + shipping via paypal.
  9. Blessed be that thing called subjectivity. Working on the third Androcell album and a concept compilation titled "Vital Signs" featuring 4 new Androcell tracks (2 are remixes of Neurosomatic Circuit and Atmos-spheres from the Efflorescence album) and 4 "commissioned" tracks by some well-respected and accomplished artists. By commissioned I mean I assigned them specific track titles/themes they were each contracted to write custom music for. I'm sure many of you will be pretty happy with the "roster". This is not just another compilation of collected and licensed tracks. This is more like a concept / collaboration project that I conceived. Will get around to another Distant System album in 2010. I don't rush my music just so I can "play it out".
  10. Hold on I'm still following your trail of question marks.... Ok, what I meant was he has a booking agent who is continually trying to get him gigs and is on a label that loves to shove promotion down your throat so to me that makes him more commercial.. You're reacting like this is a "bad" thing. You're average "psy" scene promoter probably can't afford him anymore. I remember when I inquired to him last year "personally" as a friend about booknig him for a chillout festival I have been considering trying to organize in the US and he referred me to his "agent". He didn't even want to personally work something out... maybe becuase it's a breech of terms with his agent. I HAD to go through his commercial booking agent if I wanted him to even be remotely interested. So just relax, guy, and breathe a little. Your favorite artist in the world isn't "selling out" he's "cashing in" and I can respect that but figured you should have some real details. Happy? :drama:
  11. He asked "what are the great names" guys, , not the crap names. Probably the most commercial US name for this scene is Bluetech. His real name is Evan Bartholomew. Bluetech and Evan Marc are just pseudonyms for his music.
  12. If anyone is interested in picking up the ORIGINAL of the release Chi A.D. - Infinitism, I have it for sale for USD$9.00 + shipping from the US. Disc and artwork are in immaculate condition. Perfect for the collection. Please email me at info(at)androcell(dot)com for inquiry.
  13. Ok, so if anyone wants the ORIGINAL for US$15.00 + shipping then please contact me. Discs and art are immaculate. Plastic jewel case is the only thing that look slightly used but easily swapped with a new one.
  14. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B...p;condition=all I have this original CD x 2 in excellent condition and am willing to sell for a reasonable price + shipping. It's ridiculous what they are going for on Amazon. Please email me at info(at)androcell(dot)com to strike a deal.
  15. Nope, no vocals from sample CDs. I like the name as well but there is only 1 member in Distant System.
  16. Many thanks and big respect for this great review, Abasio. Was very happy when I read it.
  17. The album is now released and available: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7054 Soon available at psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/cdr/cdr1cd012.html
  18. I can understand where you're coming from, but the "best" will always be subjective. For me, as an artist, I just want to have good support and be able to always continue my pursuits. I'll never be the "best" because the "best" doesn't really exist unless every living human being on earth is unanimous with a thought of something being "best". We all find what is best for each of us individually, to grow from what we individually need. But have fun chasing the consensus of the masses.
  19. Sure, there will be "loads more released" that will be "better than this". But why tread on Damon's enthusiasm for this release?
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