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  1. on the whole the compilation if just above average compared to what has been released earlier my favorite being 1,3,5 there a few good tracks.....i like the Hol Baumann track especially but nothing exceptional.
  2. hey....check out the new *flowjob* whereas progressive is concerned,and V.A-Beneath the Surface on Native State Records b00mz
  3. which is a decent sound card available for beginners as well as good at the pro level,after all one time investment seems to be a reasonable idea to me rather then switching on to a pro sound card later at some stage from the beginner. any infos will be appreciated
  4. this is so well explined.....mate you got me started i love this topic and how things to get started with producing psytrance and the gear required to go on with,pls let your comments flowing. :love:
  5. jep.....i agree also track no. 8,9 purely goa vibes
  6. its a whole different world out there,or shall i say out here....welocome to the land of chillout some of my personal favs. with no particular order.. Kaya Project-Walking Through(sherlock alien,did fairly well to say bout the album) Entheogenic-Spontoneous Illumination Ott-Bluemenkraft Abakus-That Much Closer To The Sun Toires-Majmar n Sanati Shulman-In Search Of A Meaningful Moment CBL-Hydrophonic Garden Stress Assassin-Carrier Track and Within The Office OF Eye and Ear The Kumbh Mela-East Of River Ganges Asura-Lost Eden TIT-Ambient Factory These album,never fail to surprise me,every now n then.
  7. Damn....wtf?? no isratrance today..... that means its israhell on the REST whatever!
  8. the new SHPONGLE...for sure,thats what tickles my mind
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