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  1. prompt payment and a smooth transaction
  2. 5 EURO for Quantum, please inquire directly at me for prices, I just sold Filteria for $16US with shipping included!
  3. I am looking for this cd! and also some boshke beats releases, trishula, Procs - Stuck in the Oven with Me any original dark/neo/minimal/proggi psy orientated stuff that's good
  4. i bought this about a year and a half ago from here: http://cgi.ebay.ca/NEW-TOV-T-6MR-6-SPACE-D...VQQcmdZViewItem Specifications: Heavy Duty Professional Combo Rack 20" Deep. 6 Space Front Load 10 Slanted Top Load Top and Front Removable Lids Larger Rear Swinging Door for Easy Wiring Access Grooced Aluminum Extrusion Plastic Laminate Recessed Spring Loaded Handles Recessed Butterfly Twist Latched (Pad Locks are Included) 1/4” Plywood please feel free to e-mail me at limix@shawmultimedia.com for offers here's pictures of the same case,
  5. Features: Seamless loop jog wheel Built-in effects Turntable break BPM Slider style pitch control of ±10% Frame search with three scan speeds Auto cueing Instant starts Digital outputs Fader start capability Relay play 30-track program play Player size: 19"w x 3.5"h x 10"d Controller: 19"w x 3.5"h x 3.2"d Wt. 22 lbs. condition is great!, everything works perfect. please feel free to e-mail me at limix@shawmultimedia.com for offers.
  6. this is what is left all brand NEW in plastic wrapping and everything! asking about 9 EURO's each, i can cut deals for bulk send me your offers! GMS - Emergency Broadcast System Hujaboy - Hujajoy Neuromotor - Neuro Damage Pizz Dozz - Another Side of the Hysteria Quantum - Flangerized The Antidote - Antidotcom VA - Ai - Part 2 VA - Alien FM VA - AmalgamatedAmalgamation VA - Build Your Own Reactor VA - Chronika Chapter One VA - Clangour VA - Conspirators fo Pleasure VA - Deep Impact VA - Diginations Vol. 01 VA - Eleventu
  7. THESE CD's Have been sold so far.. so they are gonzo! Crunchy Punch - Maximum Velocity Chemical Drive - Sonic Boom Manmademan - The Leged Remixes Skazi - Storm Safi Connection - The Remixes Optokoppler - Replugged Bon - Underground Resistance Central Processing Unit - Computer Error Space Tribe - Thru The Looking Glass Save The Robot - Battle of the Mind Eskimo - Balloonatic Part One VA - Back To The Galaxy VA - Genetic Process VA - Vaporize VA - Neo:Electronic Oscillations VA - Shantipi Records Disk No 1 VA - Tropical Storm VA - Accelerator 1.0 VA - Doppler FX VA - Toky
  8. these are not 2nd hand cd's they are all BRAND NEW, if you find any prices cheaper let me know i can match them. by the way the cd;s marked at $15 are actualy 9.80 EUR
  9. PLEASE NOTE ALL PRICES ARE IN CANADIAN DOLLARS, right now on www.xe.com 15.00 CAD = 9.73324 EUR if you are looking at buying a bulk let me know i can cut deals! all cd's are brand new and have never been played. Album / Compilation Price (CAN) Auditec - The Magic of Love $15 Bon - Underground Resistance $15 Boo Reka - Corrupt Data Factory $15 Central Processing Unit - Computer Error $15 Chemical Drive - Sonic Boom $15 Crunchy Punch - Maximum Velocity $14 Digital Talk - New Age Surf $14 Fi
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