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    Yes the MC-202 is very cool, particularly for acid lines since it has accent, which the SH-101 lacks. However it needs a mod in order to work better, as it has a weak CPU or flawed design or something that introduces massive lag when controlling it externally if I remember correctly. I love the form factor/portability of it compared to the SH-101.
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    Your input in the thread has been amazing and at least you participate : ) edit: everyones input has been amazing Well if you feel like going towards MFG instead, thats fine with me I love mfg, how about the crazy alien sounds of We Are The Machines? pick any lead or sound from there, should be plenty of fun ^^ the bassline is really great, and it sounds like a juno for sure. speaking of cool basslines, transwave did their basslines with the mc-202 IIRC; which is pretty much like a different version of the sh-101. pwm with the sub oscillator mixed in high. evident in all transwaves stuff and sounds really good =)
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    Ah yes indeed the eventide stuff of course. Regarding recreation of sounds, I can't really help much with Etnica/Pleiadians. As that was never a style I explored, I was always much more into the sounds of AP, MFG, Miranda among others. For Pleiadians/Etnica, Filteria and Morphic Resonance would be your best options, as they did some research into that specific Italian Goa style. And perhaps E-Mantra as well? He was/is a member here too I think. Merr0w I think as well was inspired by that goa style to some extent? Don't know if he was active on this forum. Too bad not many people participate here anymore, as there was a lot of knowledge with regards to goa trance production, among the producers who were members here.
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    Agree, I like all the funny little sounds and ideas combined with the nice distinctive melodies. Just bought it.
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    Indeed, ask him he is/was a member here I remember atleast that he was a veeery long time ago. I'm gonna play around some more with recreating some AP sounds tonight, this time I will listen to the actual album at the same time, way easier to get the detune right that way. By playing along to the album. What sounds besides the leads interest you the most? Point me to some track/album/sound The FX as you've allready touched upon was an integral part of their signature sound. The ping pong delay from the Alesis Quadraverb was very popular among the goa trance producers of the golden era, and if my memory serves me right I think Filteria used that one as well. This unit was/is very affordable, and gives a very good spatial 3D sound to the synthesizer sounds run through it when combined with a hall reverb. As can be heard here with Hallucinogen: And here with I Savastano on the TB-303 + SH-101 or the Juno-106. The Alesis Quadraverbs ping pong delays can be reproduced easily on all kinds of delay plugins, particularly on Native Instruments Replika and Replika XT.
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    Would you kindly not use this as a news thread for Lab37 alone. I merged your posts. The most significant message might be the last - "Please note that we are temporarily stopping vinyl production for about 40 days as we retool our machinery." ... I am curious, who is this?
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    Software has moved on quite a bit since then. Synths like Serum, Massive X or Harmor aren't based on any hardware and can do things no hardware can. Also the quality of analogue emulations has progressed a lot, just compare Pro-53 with U-He Repro or Arturia Minimoog with Monark. The tangible approach of hardware is another story. I can get lost for hours tweaking knobs on my analog synth. Very little of it gets recorded or makes it into actual tracks tho.
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    Except that very small fraction of these melodies is any good IMO.
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    woow, I feel like 2005 here
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