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    Since we're all mostly using Bandcamp here on Psynews, I didn't find any topic where we can share the findings, so after a friend of mine told me yesterday about full-discography by Bluetech for only $5 over at Bandcamp I was thinking about making a topic here where we can share some good findings. I'll leave the Bluetech link here and will continue to share my own findings (in psychedelic trance, chillout, dub styles). Feel free to drop your own name your price / free goodies from Bandcamp Bluetech - https://bluetech.bandcamp.com/
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    Caustic 3 is the app. Good luck. I had the same Convo with The Maniac last year and couldn't figure the basics out. Super impressive that he manages to produce such good quality tracks.
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    Ooh good thread. NYP releases on bandcamp have been a great way for me to discover some little known gems out there. Erothyme - Circadia https://erothyme.bandcamp.com/album/circadia Master Minded - Elements https://masterminded.bandcamp.com/album/elements BioLuMigen - ...ua.ka.r.ak.au... https://biolumigen.bandcamp.com Supersillyus - Charade https://music.gravitasrecordings.com/album/charade
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    Jisnegro, still posting gems. I should write a small python program to traverse this thread and pick up every link posted by you ;)
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