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    As discussed in this topic I was long thinking of trying to listen to my entire collection. One album (or disc) every day with headphones on so I can truly dedicate myself to it. There are 2 main reasons to it. Firstly, to discover hidden gems. As you grow tastes changed and you start to listen to the same music in different ways. Secondly, it would help me achieve another goal. I want to concentrate on quality rather quantity of the new music I buy each month. Granted my collection is not that huge (I do not consider myself a collector), less than 1400 releases (or 1700 discs) according to my OrangeCD database. Still, it would take me some years to listen through it all, not counting the new music purchased each month. I expect to fail miserably, but so did I when i first quit smoking but it's been over 3 years now that I'm nicotine (and thousands of other substances) free . No hurt in trying. The way I plan to do it is by choosing a label, artist or series and listen to them in order of being released to have an idea of how the sound changed/evolved throughout the years. The issue is that 2/3 of my collection are back in Greece so I cannot start with what I would really like, that being the releases from the legendary greek magazine Lemon but I'll manage . https://www.discogs.com/label/50787-Lemon-Magazine Each listen will be accompanied by a photo of the physical media and a short blurp. Stay tuned.
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    Katedra - We Are Not Alone (Global Sect Music, 2019) Listen 2 tracks & Pre-orders СD & Merch: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/katedra-we-are-not-alone Human civilization, gradually overcoming the difficulties of evolutionary development, enters a new space age for itself. Very soon we will begin to explore the space of the Solar System and rush beyond its borders towards the Far Worlds. What secrets have a cold and unexplored Cosmos prepared for us? Will we be able to find a new home or make first contact with intelligent life? These questions still have to get answers to our descendants, but already now, looking at the starry sky late at night, in the mind, sometimes, there is a feeling: We are not alone... After several years of creative process, we are pleased to present to you the debut album of Ukrainian musician Ostap Hirnyak. This disc is literally saturated with alien goa-trance vibrations and will send you on an unforgettable space journey to other worlds and life forms. "I am grateful to all the friends who helped and supported me throughout my creative activity." (с) Katedra Tracklist: 01. The MoonShip (mix 2019) 02. First Contact 03. Ring of Fire 04. Nagual 05. You Are Not Alone 06. Alienated Hallucination 07. Radiointerference (mix 2019) 08. The Edge Of Spaces Cover art: Ahankara Art & Andrei Verner Mastering & Mixing: One Day Mastering Studio Release date: 25 march Released by Global Sect Music.
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    What a lucky find! I'd never thought of owning this album due to the ridiculous price. But a local Suomisaundi guy sold me NM copy for 50e...
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    @CalledByCthulhu That set is insane.
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