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    Awesome track, I love how it manages to sound calm and disturbing at the same time.
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    What a great album. Ivan you and your team are the model of consistency. From the acid mayhem of Wawara and the "unpredictability" of Shattered Sense to the swirling electricity of Field Quanta and bubbling crescendo of I Ate Seven of Them the energy and sound of this album is quite impressive. While not the best thing released from the fine folks at Neogoa, just a couple of filler keeps this from being super.
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    You are right! That the reason iam more interested in trance from '90 to '95 or in that style. I call it Technotrance, because you can hear in the early trance the roots of Techno and Acidhouse of the late '80s and early '90s. The Sound of Frankfurt is my favorite trancesound. Eye-Q and Harthouse and some other labels of that period do it for me: Ralph Hildenbeutel(Earth Nation, etc.), Cygnus X, Resistance D or Oliver Lieb (Spicelab, LSG, The Ambush etc.). Really cool music without (many) borders (and without cheesy vocals ). With hints of techno, acid, ambient, breakbeats.. from low bpms to fast bpms (120-160bpm) its has some feeling of avantgarde. But also the emotional side in this time with Cosmic Baby, Humate, Kid Paul etc. The Sound after '95 was more commercial i think, but I have some nice memories with the trancesound of the late '90s, because it was my guide to electronic music. So i like it too. Here: https://transatlanticrecords.bandcamp.com/ This is a new label for trance, which is inspired by the Sound of Frankfurt.
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