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    I see it like this: When artists create their music because they know beforehand that style will appeal to the big crowd and only want to do it because of that reason, then it is commercial. When artists create a track because they feel it might induce a trance state to certain listeners, then it is not commercial. If the latter appeals to most listeners just because it is decent and musical, and the artist ends up making a lot of money from it, it is still not "commercial" for me.
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    Best (Belgian) line up in years: so psychedelic. Finally again <3 Thanks mate for having us, glad to help you! First edition was legend, now we build the future
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    +1. Since I listen to psytrance this is the most commercial release I have ever heard. Totally pointless IMO. 1st minute of the album, you hear the intro of Mahadeva combined with People can fly, then you know right from the start you are entering circus territory. Adding to that, many melodies have wrong notes. Just in the first few tracks: -the AP medley has a melody that sounds wrong (forgot which one) -Meteor from Electric universe has several wrong notes I think -the melody of Tribute (Etnica) has several wrong notes as well -Same thing for Shamanix -Juno Reactor - Feel the universe has a wrong note (by the way this medley is a disaster even more than the others, I feel bad for Juno ) And I lost focus after that. PS: I'll end my "review" with a positive, Talamasca managed to highlight one great melody from Own the World (MWNN) that sounded too quiet in the original. Thumbs up!
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    Fin. Yes and he still managed to screw that up. There is no need to set the bar so low especially for an artist who should know better. I choose none of the above. That's like asking me to choose between chlamydia or gonorrhea. Either way it's going to be unpleasant.
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