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Chameleon - Wild Live [Maharetta]

16 June 2017 - 09:46 AM

Sounds like a good Nano-esque full-on, similar to the better and more imaginative releases in this genre: Martian Arts, Pogo, etc.


(sorry for big cover art, but I think it's beautiful!)







going-all-digital support group

09 June 2017 - 12:12 PM

So, I decided I need to stop buying CDs, simply because:

- I've really run out of space to store them,

- they cost more, both per release and because of shipping fees,

- the hassle with trying to find where & how to order CDs from different labels and artists to optimise shipping cost is getting really tiresome,

- I never really use the CDs anymore, because I either d/l the files that come along (Bandcamp, Psyshop, etc.) or rip the CD and leave it on the shelf,

- the labels / artists get bigger cut, because I pay them directly and not to the distributors, pressing plants, transportation companies, etc.


So, today instead of going to Psyshop to get my - shameful, I admit - Nano Rec. fix I bought their 3 recent releases via their newly opened Bandcamp store taking advantage of 35% for full catalogue (I really advice on checking Pogo's "Rock Your Soul", not sure about the other two...). I also did the same with new Hypnoxocks album, bought via Goa Madness Bandcamp store that also opened just recently!


Fells so liberating, although it's hard - I got all Goa Madness releases on CDs thus far! The real struggle will come when there's new release by Suntrip, or Zion604, or Cronomi, etc.  :o


Who's with me? Let's support ourselves to pull through :)

25% off on all Ableton stuff until June 13th

08 June 2017 - 08:38 AM

Might be of interest to some of you. Includes Push, Live, Live upgrades, packs, etc.





Astro-D - Party Alien [Spiral Trax]

07 June 2017 - 07:43 AM

[Disclaimer] the cover is horrible, but the label and collabs / remixes drew my interest and it sounds quite interesting.


These past couple of years has brought some new faces and sounds to our venerable label. Behind the scenes of this resurgence are a talented and dedicated staff working together from across the globe to find and release incredible music from both the original roster of now world famous producers but also introducing the world to new discoveries obtained on our cosmic voyages beyond the galactic rim.

No one on our team is better (space) suited for this task than our hard working and persistent philosopher of Psytrance, Greek master mind Astro 'D', Dimitris Bletsas. Maintaining a strict principle of 'always keep it party music' D has diligently collaborated with a veritable master's series of top talent. Always striving to bring something important to contribute, each collaboration and remix can be heard distinctly 'Astro-D' styles balanced out with a healthy dose of wizardry from each legendary pro he encounters.

To be fair, while the collabs are superb, his solo tracks have really come a long way since the early days, and rightly so. Dimitris has put in years of hard work to develop his skills and plenty of hours with the top studio gods. Etnica VS Astro-D collab brings together the Italian Goa masters to prove Anything is actually possible. His work with Total Eclipse The Very First Time really opens up new doors. Pulsar is the newest kid on the block but brings a wealth of experience to their out of this world vs in Space Jam.

Msdos reboots D's system but then takes him to all New Frontiers when this DnB heavy weight and a Psy producer combine powers. To put things in perspective for example Msdos tunes have been played on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Ministry of Sound Radio, and by djs such as Ltj Bukem, Fabio, Dj Patife, Bailey, Jumping Jack Frost, Ez Rollers and Marky. The closing track of the huge old school hit band The Overlords remixed by Astro D and his good friend and well known cohort Chris Oblivion was included with full support by the original artists and licensed directly from Universal Records.

1. Astro-D - Party Alien
2. Etnica vs. Αstro - D Anything Is Possible
3. Astro-D vs. Total Eclipse - The Very First Time
4. Astro-D - Acid Bomb
5. Shakta - Lepton Head (Astro-D Rmx)
6. Pulsar vs. Astro-D - Space Jam
7. Kj Puram - Zr0 (Astro-D Remix)
8. MS-DOS vs. Astro-D - New Frontiers
9. The Overlords - Sundown (Chris Oblivion & Astro-D Remix)
Listen on Soundcloud.com

Triquetra - Fungus Fever EP [self-released]

06 June 2017 - 04:03 PM

By now most of us would agree that the biggest revelation on Suntrip's latest V/A "Inti" was music from two brothers: Triquerta.


I was surprised to find out that they have released - in Sep 2016 - an EP with 6 tracks & running over 52 minutes, so it's almost a full-length album!




1. Fungus Fever 09:29
2. One-way Ticket To Unity 07:21
3. Trancendance 08:36
4. UFO In My Back Yard 08:25
5. Deep Sea Trip 08:32
6. Sonar Levitation 09:56


Listen on Soundcloud.com - free to listen, apparently unmastered version (the volumes are all over the place)


https://triquetra.bandcamp.com/- proper version, just 5EUR