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In Topic: Wat's the best software to make psytrance?

Yesterday, 02:45 PM

Different strokes ... I know many psy and trance producers who use Cubase and Logic. I use Studio One which has essentially the same linear workflow as Cubase. I tried FL Studio and Live too but didn't quite like them, especially this clip/session concept in Live seems somehow cumbersome to me - I understand how it works but I don't like that I have to keep in my head what is going on in each of these sections.


Yeah, I can see that. I believe Live/Bitwig works great for people who:

- used to work with trackers on Amiga or PC many years ago, because the concept of 'clips' is a generalisation of tracker's pattern,

- are completely new to music-making, so they can easier wrap their head around a 4-bar loop, than an infinite timeline.


So, indeed it's literally different strokes, for different folks :)

In Topic: Wat's the best software to make psytrance?

Yesterday, 11:57 AM

I think ITB psytrance production is not DAW-centric at all, it's more the matter of  what synth plugins you pick and how you program and process them. Any DAW with basic functionality is just as fine as the next one. 


I disagree - both Live and Bitwig are centered around the Session view / Clips idea, which in turn work best for repetitive / loop-based music, i.e. trance. Most artists using those work by creating their tunes in Session view with clips and then are recording the live performance to the Arrangement view, to further tweak the automations, add the one-off events like transitions, breaks, etc.


Sure, plugins are important but they work the same everywhere.

In Topic: Samples of the new Infected Mushroom album Return to the Sauce

Yesterday, 11:52 AM

Finally! Ordered mine today from Arabescue distribution bandcamp

It includes download in all digital formats and unlimited streaming :)


The same - my favourite way of buying music, for those releases that are distributed by Arabesque :)

In Topic: Wat's the best software to make psytrance?

Yesterday, 10:06 AM

Hi there!
I have used/tryed several DAWs since mid-90s: FastTracker, Jeskola's Buzz, FruityLoops (and the later FL Studio), Ableton Live, Cubase, Studio One, Reaper... But the one which has fitted me like a glove has been Bitwig Studio. I'm impressed on how simple is being creative with this software. It boosts your workflow and it works really nice: no need to wait for minutes to load any plugin. But the reason why I decided to finally buy this one a couple of weeks ago was its integration into its application. I mean: You can duplicate clips/samples/whatever into the arrangement view, but also into the clip edition view, which can be individual or multiple. It's charming, because I finally found a DAW which is not too complicated (quick workflow) and that really cares in a matter of harmony (which is what music is all about, if somebody had forgotten it).


Good to hear it works for you! What would you say differentiates it - in terms of work-flow - from Live 9? I tried both extensively and frankly both worked out very well for me, because of combined session (clips) and arrangement (timeline) views, but I wasn't very fond of Bitwig's interface, while I liked the simplicity of Live 9. Still, the underlying modularity of Bitwig is something great, e.g. being easily able to route certain parts of the sound via specified effects. In the end I purchased Live 9 Suite which even if more expensive (even with Christmas discount & upgrade from Live 9 Lite) seemed more 'complete', starting from the manual which was much better and clearer. Also, the amount of content - free tutorials, packs, M4L devices, etc. - is huge for Live 9, because it's on the market 14+ years, compared to Bitwigs 3+.


But in the future I'll really consider switching to Bitwig, because indeed it shapes up to be awesome, especially for music like ours.

In Topic: Samples of the new Infected Mushroom album Return to the Sauce

24 February 2017 - 08:29 AM

For those interested, the CD is available: