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The very BEST kick+bassline

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They gel perfectly. They invoke dancing. They build the track. They promote emotion. 

They are the essentials of goatrance. 

Without them there would just be melodies. 

And they speak different language to different people. I'll start with one of my very favorites although there are many, it's Filteria - Wormhole. The bassline is barely there yet hits all the right frequencies. Kick is not much more than a click but again hits the lows just amazingly. 

What is your favourite knb?? 



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I will have to get back to you about the best one. What I do know is I've been getting real tired of the galloping horse KBBB these last few days, especially if it isn't done too well. What sucks is I have exactly that in the track I am working on. I will do something different next time.

Off the top of my head, Hallucinogen always had great kick and bass and they were unique. I think he had the kick and bass playing at the same time as well.

I am also reminded of this track, though listening to it now it's the bassy acid that's memorable but the kick and bass were still really good anyway:


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