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Best Goa and Psychill covers


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Having recently managed to get a huge chunk of my CD collection at my permanent residence, I had the time to experience once again the joy of holding a physical release in my hands. All those albums and comps that were with me for so many years during my youth and beyond :) Like holding old photos with your mates and partners. 

And that got me thinking. Which are your favourite covers? Or are you most fond of? They don't have to be works of art per se. As long as they manage to invoke feelings to you :) 

No more than 3 per post please, so to make it easy to follow.

I would say my top, as a series as well are the Goa Trance comps by Rumour records.


Love the Hindu paintings on a simple, monochrome background. Volume 3 was my first Goa LP and it holds a special place :)


Another one is the Goa Raume series.


I loved the fact that the painting was continuous across the panels 


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On 2/5/2024 at 5:21 PM, abasio said:

From the title, for some reason I thought this thread was going to be about people covering classic goa tunes. 

Same here. :blink:

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