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Hallucinogen in Classical - Gamma Goblins (draft)

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What an interesting project. It makes apparent Posford's compositional genius as one rhythm/melody flows organically into another with consummate ease, just in case that was not already obvious. The deep woody sounds of clarinet, oboe, and cello also add to my appreciation of this wonderfully whacky track. At times I felt the conventional rock/dance drum kit was overused and that the beat could be implied rather than stated. I also felt that it stuck a little bit too closely to the original and a bit of extemporisation might have added something. Imagine hearing a full symphony orchestra playing this live. A worthy project - thanks for posting! ~*~

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this is amazing. did you write it yourself? it sounds almost exactly like the original down to the hihat rolls.

sounds just like you got a midi and replaced the sounds, thats how good it is. curious how you made this. its very impressive if you did just copy it and wrote it yourself by ear, and how you got so close to the original, compositionally. Its almost uncanny. Like you were Simon but replaced all instruments with orchestral versions. 

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