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  1. A remix of The Infinity Project's "Mindboggler". The Infinity Project - Mindboggler (Denstrow remix)
  2. A new track I made, a bit in the style of the new israeli type of psytrance like Captain Hook, Freedom Fighters etc. Denstrow - Form & Function
  3. I was hoping to do an album of Hallucinogen, Prometheus, Shpongle in collaboration with Twisted, but that seems unlikely... I am currently thinking of doing a Kickstarter for an EP, if there's any interest - we'll see! I'm a classical musician, so I already know 20+ amazing musicians who would be up to the challenge, if only I can find some money...
  4. Simon saw it? I had contacted him for maybe doing a whole album's worth of Twisted Music material, but he never replied (I guess because the cost was prohibitive)... Could you link to his comment?
  5. Thanks for listening! Yeah, I transcribed it by ear (I don't think you can find a midi of it on the internet), pretty much note-to-note, but I'm a professional classical musician by day, and I've done a whole concert's worth Frank Zappa music in the past for a gig, so I felt up to the task...
  6. Thank you! My intention with this was a complete transcription (as opposed to arrangement) - which is why everything sounds pretty much identical to the original. This has to do with how I like working (i.e. making instruments play the original lines as closely as possible, because I want to show both how it can be done with traditional instruments and because, well, those were the lines that made us all go wild in the first place!) - but for a recording I would do a few things differently, e.g. use a jazz drummer in this particular track who would add his own things, and add other small embelishments, while remaining true to the original.
  7. Hallucinogen - Shamanix (Denstrow remix) The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu - It's Grim Up North (Denstrow remix) Middle Sky Boom & Eliezer - Slow With The Run (Il Est Vilaine Remix) (Denstrow Boot)
  8. A demo for an unrealised project Hallucinogen in Classical - Gamma Goblins (draft)
  9. A remix of the track "Daytripping" from my 2018 album with the same name.
  10. A couple of old tracks from the early '00s, that I recently revamped. Bubbles Stardust
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