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Psy trance fundamentals, for you personally speaking...


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I guess the times we are living in makes us reflect more. Each individual needs something different from this music and there are no absolutes. That relates to producing it and listening to it. Everyone has there own opinion on any given track.The more I listen to the music and for context I listen when driving, dancing or at festivals the more I realize it has very little to do with sub genre or specifics relating to production being mainly or exclusively SFX/texture/filtered/harmonic based vs traditional melodic content. It has to do with the feeling any given track invokes in myself personally and this effect can be present in any combination of those elements.

For me this music is pulse based drone to hypnotize and meditate (a space where there are no thoughts where the brain moves into a space beyond intellectual analysis) and on top of the kick and bass there is the potential to open this meditative mental space more deeply with subtle ways of shifting your feelings through whatever is added. This could be viewed as a fairly mature view relative to more hedonistic pursuits.

I conclude that because of the ultimate personal meditative goal that the kick and bass need not change into the future as long as the same basic effect is produced. This will be a bit controversial because we have all read many opinions that psy trance is stuck in a rut and that it used the same kick and bass or sound set for X no. of years etc. etc.

It is a bit like suggesting that traditional meditational mind state has not progressed since the ancients in India developed it. :lol:

These intellectual processes don't have a place when I am dancing in the moment, they don't have a place in that headspace. Either the track invokes the desired result (trance) or not. Trance for myself when listening is coveted on the basis of whether it induces a trance like state or emotional cues / interesting mental or physical sensations when listening, connection with others not present through the mind state is a big one for me. (also possibly connected with the passage of time - highlighted by the absence of time in meditation... or sentimentality, sadness/beauty which are often linked. )

Whether a track was made yesterday with the newest VSTi and effects on the market or 20 years ago seems to have no bearing on the value of the track, either it has it or it does not.

Another interesting question/thought, that is almost impossible to answer is how much a track objectively works in the genre versus the value you have projected onto a track from your own personal experiences, as a listener. Probably one that is rather impossible to quantify and probably for the best, as it allows us to have a mysterious connection with some specific tracks that resonate in special ways that could be unique to the individual.

I appreciate my view is just an abstract of personal experience and that there are no absolutes so any view is as valid as any other and merely extends the depth of the music's value.

What are the fundamentals for you ?

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On 10/17/2020 at 6:56 PM, the goa constrictor said:

No one will ever replace the magic of Quirk and they'd be entirely unsuccessful if they were new on the scene today.

This is an interesting notion. Made me think about how much does the fact some tracks are "old" make us perceive them differently than if we were to consider them as something brand new.

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On 10/21/2020 at 12:08 AM, Penzoline said:

This is an interesting notion. Made me think about how much does the fact some tracks are "old" make us perceive them differently than if we were to consider them as something brand new.

I think Synthwave or "New Retro Wave" (even though that's a YouTube channel and no genre) can answer this for you = I mean: modern production, but made to sound like it was made in the 80s. So it all sounds like "old tracks" and invokes (in me) that feeling of listening to something old that you just found in your parent's attic (depends on the age of your parents but you know what I mean) ... and yes, this feeling is different than if I was listening to modern sounding stuff, even though both can be brand newly produced.

I appreciate the thread starting post though - well put @MikroMakro
I think it's true that everbody is looking for something different in the music - and it's only natural. You don't even have to hit the exact spot in everbody in a track, you just have to get a large enough amount of people aboard for the trip :D 

Uunfortunately most commerically oriented producers misinterpret that and just go for a formula they think that will attract a maximum of people - it's too bad for them that I usually don't work like that and would say that I rather am likely to despise that what masses like - nothing personal or purposeful even, I maybe just work a bit different to other humans, that's what it is... :)

A least I work similar enough to you people here so that we can enjoy some good psy music together :+1:

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