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Im seeking artists or tracks that fit under beatless trance / psy / house / club music. Just the layering of pads, bass pulsing and synth melodies without any beat (4/4 kick). Almost psy ambient but not quite.  Anyone get me?

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I feel like there is something, someone, somewhere. 

I once had an idea to make a mix of only great trance breaks, maybe that's what i'm thinking of. 

I just had a quick search and am less sure there is something somewhere now. But i'm certain I once turned off a track with whiping leads and a bassline but no kick.

I bet @Maiia would know something.

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Almost beatless:

This is the chill version of the vocal trance track Chakra - Love Shines Through


A great beatless track released last year:



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hmmm ... my heart thinks, you are looking for StrangeZero ... they are not completely beatless, but fabulous, please check them out

here is a beatless track (ambient mostly)

and here is a not beatless, but in my opinion much better one:

and if you like The Herb Garden, you'll love them ... I once said, on here, something along the lines of "they are like The Path that Carbon Based Lifeforms should've taken" (yes, the path with a capital T and P as an insider ;) )

oh yes and Carbon Based Lifeforms - or CBL - is another suggestion, but that's ambient or psybient ... and you said you don't want that...

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