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Infected Mushroom - More Than Just a Name (Monstercat rec.)

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Release him, get him out of there. ... No wait! .. 
http://music.monstercat.com/album/more-than-just-a-name Diiieeeee.... :((( Anyway. Cool figures / coverconcept. I'm happy the Classical Mushroom mushroom-groove-piano playing mushroom isn't inside one of those lab-tubes.. 



PS. Check this out, it might pick you up: https://soundcloud.com/morphic-resonance-goa/infected-mushroom-the-gathering-morphic-resonance-mix

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The last three tracks sound promising, "No Line in MIDI" has some Acid Killer flavour. 

*edit* now listening on spotify. The style of the album is more grounded in full-on. As I remember the style atleast, from around the first decade of this millenium. How full-on sounds nowadays or if it even is a thing I don't know. 

But it's mainly the kick and bass that has that vibe. It's the early 2000 HOM-mega style. The melodies are of course uniquely IM. I do appreciate that the mix is bit scaled back compared to their latest two albums. It's a more minimal sound image, with less layers. "back to basics" It's less heavy metal and more emphasis on acidic distorted melody lines. Ala Acid Killer/classical mushroom era. The melodies however are not as memorable. The overall structure feels more chaotic, there are very long parts of the songs that seem to lack direction. And sometimes equally long parts of the songs are buildups.

The Astrix Remix of Symphonatic, is even more full-on stylewise of course. As expected, it's well made though. It sounds as if Astrix took the entire original track in wav, and put a low-cut EQ to filter out the bass and kick. I could be wrong, and perhaps IM had the original stems/separate tracks saved. But it it sounds filtered out to my ears at least. :) 

So all the original melodies are present, with their original synthesizer sounds/distortion/FX. Overall this remix is very predictable and plays it safe within the Israeli full-on style. And also because it doesn't change any of the original melodies, the only real changes are in the typical glitch effects used in full-on. And in the arrangement. That beeing said, it will do it's work on dance floors. The essence of the original is there, but in a new coating.

The most annoying tracks are"More of Just the Same" and "Only Solutions". Endless buildups and nonsensical cringy lyrics in the first track, not so much buildups in the second, but skippable nonetheless. :P I understand that these type of tracks, probably get the most hardcorde IM fans hyped on the live sets. But I much prefer tracks that make sense to listen to in headphones at home as well. Like most of the tracks on Converting Vegetarians II,  which to date is their best album according to me.

Long cheesy buildups make no sense at home. And to me at least neither on the dance floor. :lol:

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14 hours ago, Penzoline said:

Monstercat??? Since when that has had anything to do with psy.

Since they signed IM maybe? lol not that I would classify their music today as psy, a very ecclectic mix of genres. This album is on the full-on side of things though. Not that it makes it any better, I listened through the album once, and I can't really say I felt the need to listen again.

However I will always listen through their releases, because every once in a while there is a track I like. These two minute breaks/buildups as in the song "More of Just the Same" I thought was a thing of the past? I remember vividly that this was the very thing people complained about with full-on before. It becomes almost parodic, with how far they can extend the buildup. 

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Btw the album artwork is really good, who made it? It's not added to the album's discogs entry yet. There is a consistency in their album artworks, with a good balance of humor, darkness and twisted fantasy. The album artwork for Converting Vegetarians II and Return To The Sauce were exceptionally good as well.

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No Line in Midi is amazing! Probably my favorite track on the album :) I really enjoy also Symphonatic remix, Splicon and Ani Mevushal (6:54 - 7:18 :wub:). 

Btw that Megamix by SpaceNoize & Vertical Mode is nice throwback to oldschool IM classics! You can hear some parts of Noise Maker, Dancing With Kadafi, Mush Mushi, B.P. Empire, Sailing in The Sea Of Mushrooms, Unbalanced, Tasty Mushroom, Acid Killer, Elation Station and Psycho :)


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