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Fiery Dawn - Trip To The UnderWorld (Ep)


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Artist: Fiery Dawn
Title: Trip To The UnderWorld
Label: Self Release
Date: September 8, 2018


3 more tracks and you coulda had an album.

No matter. Fiery dawn is at a sweet spot in his production. Not only is his output just ridiculous, with a 2018 album, another Ep, tracks on various comps, a bunch of down tempo while maintaining what I can only assume is some semblance of a life. I have a life too, it revolves around listening to banger after banger of Fiery D and others output.

This ep takes a couple of tippie toes away from the space trance that Dawn is well known for.

Trip To The Underworld is the most unique. Coming at you without a distinct melody you know you'll need something else to keep your attention. Fiery know's too, he doesn't fail and has me hooked from that wonderful intro all the way to the end. It certainly is a track that'll take you to the underworld.

Next up we got Phantasmagoria. Acid riffs, hard kicks, a squelch or two and a solid baseline are here to carry us away to trance land. Other than a few key changes (which are starting to irk me) the track is absolutely wonderful and full of funk. Even on bandcamp I missed the change between this and the next track. The flow is unreal. But we aren't off the hook yet.

Goblins and Trolls comes in even hotter and crazier. Fiery D has either expanded his sound box or developed his repertoire, or both. Either way he is putting it to good use here. The track gets real wild just after the 3 minute mark and it doesn't let up. My favourite here. A straight arm flailing stomper.

Temple of Warriors Is a nice little downtempo closer that Fiery D does so well. 

The Ep is awesome, with a unique first track and two flaming tracks following it up I would recommend getting this on your hard drives. transfer it to your phones, mp3's, listen on the band camp app, what ever you want. I'll be bumping this for a while as I feel like you can hear a strong development in his production and ideas. Good work

I do need to ask what the idea behind key changes are? Can I get some artistic input. My position is it disrupts many a good moment in a track making it feel like an unnatural direction change. That being said I get over it pretty quickly and do understand that some notes need a different key to work. But I do know that I've never listened to a track and thought 'This needs to change key right about now'.

Grumblings of a guy on a forum.



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I haven't heard this exact track yet, but the hate towards key changes is something that really puzzles me. I mean, they can sound terrible, basically anything can sound terrible if used without skill and taste. But... psytrance is music. Key changes are natural part of music regardless of the genre. What's wrong with it? The next step is going to be "this track has some notes, how lame, I hate notes", lol.


If anything, what actually bothers me about modern psytrance in general is the total  lack of melodic content and basslines playing the same note thoughout the whole track in 90% of cases. It wasn't like that few years ago. 

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To be fair on live performances I've never minded and think they actually work. I guess I just listen to most my music on headphones and find that they disrupt the flow of the track. 

Maybe I should have complained about it on a 'general' thread. 

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 I've just listened to the track from Bandcamp. Quite nice track actually, totally different from what I expected. That funky full-onish vibe from the times when full-on was good :) 

These key changes... I think the thing is that the track in a major key. This is something very unusual for psy/goa where minor scales are typically used (if any at all). The key changes  here support the melody in a musically correct way but the melody itself sounds weird in the context because it's in major key. For me that's a good kind of weirdness but I can see why it may sound wrong to someone else.

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