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Recommend me some Darkpsy


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after years of hating that stuff, i've finally — and to my surprise — come to the conclusion that there's a lot more good darkpsy out there than i initially thought.

mind you, i still hate the same things that are characteristic of darkpsy (namely the screeching, metallic fm synths and that the bassline and kick often melt into a single low hum without drive and power, also stupidly high bpms that make the kbbb sound childish. in short: anything that sounds even remotely like Highko - Who Has Won). but it seems there's a lot of darkpsy that avoids these for the most part.

what i'm looking for is music with crazy fx, atmosphere, storytelling, maybe even melody with a powerful kick that's not drowned out by the bass.

so basically i'm looking for tracks like these:
Overdream - United Nations Vibrations (great synths, atmospheric not metallic at all, but the kick and bass lack drive),
Atriohm - Close to Nowhere (Tengri Remix) (nice kick and bass, atmosphere and even some melody. only the harsh synths appear in the later parts of the track)
Mark Day - Us Until The End (similar as above, but it starts out with screechy synths that disappear as the track progresses)
Penta - Neurotic Call (all around good track)
Soma Rasa - Halava (Tengri Remix) (same)
Lunarave - Cannon Fodder (harsh intro but perfect from 2:00 onwards).

as far as i understand the forest spectrum of darkpsy is more likely to fit in here?

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thanks everyone for your suggestions! my favourites up to now are ursaja, arjuna and zolod with muscaria sounding fine too.


i'm familiar with ka-sol (and scatterbrain, great album) but not with kiriyama and fraggletrollet. the first hits on youtube are not my style and sound rather dirty. which releases/tracks would you recommend?

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after some extensive listening i can say that one is not like the others. most albums have a few good tracks, but arjuna - primal contact is great from start to finish. driving, not noisy at all and unexpectedly captivting. it's not just a stream of random fx to divert your attention (as so often the case) but everything is connected as if telling a story. once you start listening you cannot stop because have to know what comes next.

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