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"V/A - Forever Psychedelic II"

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Artist: Various
Title: Forever Psychedelic II
Label: Matsuri Digital
Date: March 2018

1. Endora - Joy (Oforia vs Tsuyoshi Suzuki vs D.E.D.E. Remix)
2. Tsuyoshi Suzuki & Jikooha - The Land of 505
3. MTL (Funky Gong & Ubar Tmar) - Megathrust
4. DJ James Monro - Vantage Point
5. Kurosaki Tamao (K.U.R.O. & Ubar Tmar) - Future OM
6. D.E.D.E. - Future Drugs
7. Oforia - What Did That Make You Feel


"We are the future!"

With the absolute f*ckton of releases that seem to come out every week you could spend a good portion of your work week digging for more gold than this guy.  That's why it's such a satisfying feeling when you do finally come across one after being burnt I don't know how many times.  Forever Psychedelic is a fairly weak compilation in my opinion released back in 98 by Matsuri Productions yet it has its following.  So here comes the digital spirit of the label with part 2.  Sequels generally suck, but this is one of the exceptions.  A few notes... 

-While I believe the original Joy by Endora is classic goa trance and superior to this remix, this is what remixes are about.  Make it your own with a hint of what made it great to begin with.

-With Land of the 505 there's some uncontrolled wielding of 303 madness here and this went from a good track to a great one with the last blistering 2 minutes.

-In the "they can't all be winners" department Megathrust.  I wanted to shove this right back up that guy's smell hole until the last two minutes.

- James Monro (of Technossomy fame) lays out a very eerie progressive trance track brimming with atmosphere supplemented with a little more gravitas at the end.  Good stuff.

-Future OM is a sneaky, evolving bit of electricity heavily laden with futuristic dread.  One of the standouts with the acidic car wash putting an exclamation point on it at the end.

-Planet Drugs and How Did That Make You Feel were fine, but ultimately didn't move the needle for me.

This was indeed a good find and hope that more people will think so as well. 


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