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Cosmosis - RetroFuturism (Limited Edition, Numbered Box Set)


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In case you've missed it there is a Kickstarter currenlty on for a box set of Cosmosis tracks


It will be a 4xCD 8-panel digipack with slipcase and booklet containing Retro Vol. 1 & 2 and 2 more CDs with digital only tracks.

Only 100 copies will be pressed, 10 of them signed (already gone, sorry) and only a few copies are left (98% of the target reached so far).

If you want to preview the tracks here is a Bandcamp link


Also sharing on social media is a great way to help us as well :)


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42 tracks in total :) 


Cosmosis – RetroFuturism

CD 1 Retro Vol. 1

1.       Atom Bom! (Fat Kik Mix)

2.       Reality Check    

3.       Psychofunk

4.       Do It! (Teutonic Technoid Mix)         

5.       Grinder Winder

6.       Atomic Funfare

7.       In Yer Face Part 2             

8.       Telekinetic

9.       Two Sticks of Nag Champa and a Packet of Bhindis

10.   Deep in the Dark Forest


CD 2 Retro Vol. 2

1.       Dans Ta Figure  

2.       Visitors

3.       The Outer Limit

4.       Do It! (Procrastinator Remix)

5.       Just Say No (Melodic Mix)

6.       Kinda Weirda (Deep Space Mix)

7.       Pigs In Space

8.       The Doors of Perception              

9.       Cosmosis & Shakta - Scientific (Acid House)

10.   Zero G

CD 3 Futurism Vol. 1

1.       Cosmosis & Quantica – Rastafari Rising (Cosmosis Mix)

2.       Mumbo Jumbo – Mirage (Cosmosis 2011 Remix)

3.       Cosmosis & Colorshape – All Funked Up

4.       Cosmosis & Avalon – Destiny Awaits (Cosmosis Mix)

5.       Cosmosis & Quantica – That’s The Moment (Phat Mix)

6.       Tiny Particles Of Matter

7.       Cosmosis & Burn In Noise – Ancient Knowledge (Original Mix)

8.       Burn In Noise – The Last Window (Cosmosis Mix)

9.       Mumbo Jumbo – Oompah Oompah (Cosmosis Mix)

10.   The Hidden Track

11.   Govinda


CD 4 Futurism Vol. 2

1.       Discomboobulated

2.       Cosmosis & Eskimo - Something’s Wrong

3.       Cosmosis & Headroom – High Volume (Cosmosis Mix)

4.       Cosmosis & Quantica – Transcend The Limits

5.       Different LEvels

6.       Cosmosis & Quantica – Matter Is Magic

7.       Imagine What You Will

8.       Reclaim Your Mind

9.       SoundMagus – Mai Pin Rai (Cosmosis Remix)

10.   Parvati Pines

11.   Floating

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Is the Cosmosis & Avalon – Destiny Awaits (Cosmosis Mix) track the same one as the 2012 release, or is it even a pinch more awesome this time around? *Bandcamp sounds real good its a real treat listening through so many great Cosmosis outputs. .

Looks like a good collection spread out on 4 full albums!
Guess this will be a good gem for many Goa-howlers out there to own and listen through:)

Eskimo .. Somethings missing..


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