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VA - Good Vibrations (Yggdrasil Records)

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antic604    495
16 hours ago, Void Mantra said:

Thanks a bunch antic. Any impressions for disc 2 and 3 so far?

Nothing "jumped" at me yet as extraordinary, but they're solid and varied.

Need (much) more listens to tell anything more, though :)

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psytones    67

Yes this is a GREAT and long awaited release from the almighty YGGDRASIL RECORDS! I love it, all three discs, and I am very proud on a personal note that my name is in the booklet among the Thank Yous! For sure this is the very first time i am mentioned and thanked inside a CD-booklet. So this is for me personally a huge deal and something that I feel proud of. *from growing up I've always loved to read the lyrics and thank yous and inspiration inside the CD-booklet of the albums I bought. I am sure many can relate to that. 

PS. when you buy it from bandcamp you get 3 extra tracks, among them a new edit of INDIANER, which is awesome:


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juril    29
On 11/26/2017 at 1:12 AM, Void Mantra said:

I can see the time and effort put in this release but I just couldn't get into it. 

Bought it on day one as it was my most anticipated release for two years in a row. However, after several listens, I sadly have to agree. There are some tracks that I like (by Fragletrollet, Procs and a few others) - in my opinion it could easily have been a (more enjoyable) single CD compilation.

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Starkraver    858

Such a shame that I missed the release party in Goa, I was there a week earlier! *Bangs head to the wall repeatedly*

hallucinogenic horses <3 oh ho ho! What fun! 

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