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V/a Z.N.A Gathering - A Retro Futuristic Compilation,compiled by Dj Asherun (Dance N Dust Records)

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Dear ZNA Head and Old school fans

Very exciting news!!

Dance N Dust Records and Zna Gathering have been secretly working for a while on a compilation which aims to celebrate the concept behind our biannual gathering.

After exploring some precious archives, we gathered what we believe to be an amazing track list with Scandinavian music that has been almost lost in time being kept between few dj´s cases only to be played in special occasions.


Bus V.s Slide - Everyday, the Belsize Mix (1998)

Orion - Frenzy (1997)

Dragon - Resurrection (1998)

Shazbatt - Organic Deflection (1998)

Little Blue Men - Ace of Space (1998)

Atmos - Devine Hex (1997)

Noma - K3 (1999)

The Mato Project - Asa Equals Goddess (1997)

Sarolta Monspart - Slowdown Action (1996)


Compiled by DJ Asherun


These tacks were never released before, but they have been played in parties for almost 2 decades.

We hope you like the music and this initiative as much as we do.

This limited compilation will be available at the Gathering. If you wanna guarantee your copy, feel free to order it through our e-mail - info@znagathering.com


release date at the Z.N.A 22.08.2017



We share ZNA

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