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Unreal Tournament psytrance remixes

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so I am a crazy fan of Unreal Tournament ... loved the first one, played the 2004 a lot, then played UT3 excessively on PS3, now I don't have so much time anymore, but I'm still in tune for UT4...


The soundtrack of the series is phenomenal (even measured in today's standards for me) and I love it.

I always wished for some psy remixes. There are plenty of remixes -- and also plenty of great ones -- but psytrance was a scarcity.


But well, recently, on the search for some UT soundtrack remixes, I found that there were indeed a few good psytrance remixes done:


Forgone Destruction ... a remix of a signature track:



the one from DM-Morpheus (if you know what I mean :) )






and a Razorback remix:



all done by Mothership Loudspeakerz (the member Victo_Ries, who was posting promotion about Mothership Loudspeakerz probably gonna love this now ... yea I did search through if a similar topic already existed, couldn't find one though ;) )...


They may not be perfect psytrance tracks, but I really like them because they represent Unreal Tournament and there is not much psy that does it, at least I couldn't find much. 


Does anybody know more?

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Hey cool ... that remix is nice - and the samples are from Unreal Tournament :D 


are there more?

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here's more:





oh and btw, I collected the various Unreal Tournament remixes I could find on youtube an made a quite reasonably sized playlist ... there's everything from drill'n'bass, trance, dnb over psytrance to tracker music in there, but feel free to enjoy, it's 116 videos right now and it's "maintained" meaning I look through every now and then (less than I come here though - so beware :P ):

if nobody has anything to add, for me that's the end of chapter ^^

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