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"V/A - Dark Side of the Mind"

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Trance2MoveU    379



Artist: Various

Title: Dark Side of the Mind

Label: Vision Records

Date: December, 2007


1. NRS Vs. Kode Six - Cluster Duster

2. Rubix Qube - Exhale

3. Kode Six - Cell System Reset

4. Gerasene - Syllable Lottery

5. Zion Linguist - Freakenstein

6. Frozen Ghost - Ghost Meat

7. Hiyarant - Driven

8. Scam - High In Disguise

9. Technodrome - Gate For Hate

10. Tested Extension - Virginity





"I'm sure there's going to be more than one unpleasant surprise before we're done."


I've been listening to the sh*t out of this for the past week.  Gym, laundry, going to pick the kids up from school...doesn't matter.  It always rocks.  South African labels in the 2000's were the absolute top when it came to great psytrance, but with only a few releases in its history you can see why this was overlooked.  10 years on and this night time beast continues to rage.   Bludgeoning kicks, acid, and dark atmosphere make this a great addition to your collection.  It's futuristic and melodic and most of the tracks are not static.  By that I mean they are constantly evolving and don't find a melody and ride it all the way home.  It's like different levels of blistering music. 


I know we used to call this twilight music (can't do that...makes me think of the ridiculous movie), but if you liked Nexus Media or Timecode stuff from the time I referenced above then this should be right in your wheelhouse. 






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Penzoline    340

That rubix cube track is awesome. Actually the whole album is. Didn't know this type of twilight even existed, so thanks for bringing it to my existence!

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