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Help Bansi GMS !

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Holy shit, 3 million? Is this normal? I don't want to undermine this funding campaign in any way, it's a noble thing, but to me that's a loooot of money... All the best to him, I hope he can recover.

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I think you might find it's 30000 he needs.


Looks like 30 000 EU. Hope he can recover fully, it appears it's halfway there:)

Weird. The other day it said 3 million. When I look now it says 1.8 million.

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I had an acute leukemia, spend 6 months in a hospital and got a bone marrow transplant. I saw the invoices. I counted ~150K€, in Belgium where the standards are equal to those in the Netherlands. But every cancer/patient is different and different products/procedures are used...

Plus, my health insurance my job was paying for, kept giving me a (fair) part of my salary for 2 years, so I could provide for my family.


Maybe Bansi has a sickness that will require some research, specific treatments...also since he had an artist's life, he may not have a solid insurance, or no insurance at all, and he may need some money just to pay these treatments, and also have money to pay for a place to live, for food, etc, once he gets out of the hospital. Furthermore, do not believe he's gonna be punching his arms in the air on stage in 3 months from now. We're counting in years with that kind of sicknesses.

e.g: it took me 2 years to feel solid and be able to work again, and every doctor I saw said it was exceptional. I'm no doctor, but I guess you should rather count 5 years, especially as the guy is probably around 40, and the older, the harder.

I suppose a part of this money will also fund the long recovery period. Who knows, maybe he's got a family and needs to provide for them too... Clearly if everything has to be paid for, we're talking in hundreds of thousands. But 3 Million, and even 1.8 Million look excessive to me.


Now that's only my 2 cents. That shouldn't prevent you from financially supporting the guy, and like everyone else, I'm sending him all my support.

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It's a shame that the Spanish national healthcare system he's been paying for with his taxes isn't able to provide him with the treatment he needs. And the same for you, Fabien, since you also had to get private treatment it seems. I wish him all the best in his treatment and recovery.

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And the same for you, Fabien, since you also had to get private treatment it seems. I wish him all the best in his treatment and recovery.

No, I was covered by my Belgian private health insurance (except the excess fees of course), but got the invoices nonetheless. I think they do it to give an idea of how much the insurance is "helping", so you feel grateful.


I quickly checked the Dutch healthcare law (ZVW), there's a mix of public/private healthcare policies, pretty similar to Belgium's, and I think it's better for Dutch national to go and be cured in the Netherlands.

There is another possibility: the treatments Bansi has to go through are very specific and I'm not sure there's the necessary hospital units in Ibiza. In Barecelona, certainly, but then, you have a to make a choice: be lonely in Barcelona, or be be near your family in the Netherlands...

Seen the level of distress/suffering ahead, clearly, I'd do like Bansi!

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