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"V/A - New Blood II"


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Artist: Various

Title: New Blood II

Label: Timecode Records

Date: October, 2008


1. Principles of Flight - Oblivion

2. Artifakt Vs. Lost & Found - Checkmate

3. Rubix Qube - Enter the Dojo

4. Phyx - Freejack

5. Cybernetix - Root Complex

6. Tryambaka - Evil Mistress

7. EMP - Attack of the Moose

8. Tickets - Harpsicheek

9. Pitch Hikers - 40 Days





Oh Timecode...why have you forsaken us?  What is this new land we find ourselves in?  It is in truth perplexing.  Either we have been submerged into a cesspool of commercialism where the next buildup and drum fill is more epic than the last.  Or we have descended into madness where once again melody is treated like the clap and atmosphere has all but evaporated.  In truth I don't blame you Timecode, the once mighty label that forced imitators to their knees and rumbled the very Earth upon which they trod.  I miss the post apocalyptic atmospheres, the rumbling bass, and the sinister melodies of what seems long ago.  The label has now morphed into Sangoma Records and doesn't hold the same appeal.  Shame.


Rest assured that the window panes of my ample dwelling reverberate with furious anger from your releases.  This is one such compilation. 


Oblivion- The mood is dark and eerie with a great POF track to open.  Not a lot of melody, but power and fear can go a long way.  


Checkmate-  Can a track be both funky and foreboding?  


*Alex Trebek enters*




"A horse, sounds of torture, and a chess match play by play."


What is the break room of my former employer on a Friday?  This is a delectable groove and demands movement.  Crazy dynamic collaboration between these two great artists.


Enter the Dojo- more big beats and acid.  This was more of a straight ahead beating rather than a track that attempts to tell a story.  Use it accordingly.


Freejack- This is another great, groovy track that will raise the blood pressure.  Easy to get caught up in the swirl of acid.  The only thing keeping it from legendary status was the buildup at the end. 


Root Complex- Machine humming sci-fi psychedelia that could've been more.  Good, but left me wanting.


Evil Mistress- Pounding soundtrack to a bad trip.  Lovely.


Attack of the Moose- is more high tempo, minor key madness.  Quite the mover.


Harpsicheek- This is Tickets taking psytrance to a place that it was won't to go.  More involved full-on, but still heavy with the acid.  Good stuff.


40 Days- I was getting ready to hit you with the meh shoulders, but then the 2nd half of the track happened.


Man I miss the good old days of Timecode.  Back when they and Nexus Media were at the forefront of dark melodic music.  This is super stuff with power, acid, and moody atmospheres.  Unfortunately they don't make 'em like this no more.   Can't go wrong with this trip down memory lane.


Timecode Bandcamp


Beatspace Digital

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